What Colors Can You Wash With White Clothes?

Needless to say, at the end of the day, we have got a disastrous load of dirty clothes waiting for washing. However, just throwing them all in the washing machine seems to be a bad idea since the colorful clothes could fade on the white ones. 

Thus, it is essential to sort out kinds of clothes to wash together, especially the white laundry. What colors can you wash with white clothes then? Don’t worry, just keep scrolling through this ChocolateaAndCraft‘s article to find out the best way to do with white clothes.

What colors can you wash with white

What Colors Can You Wash With White Clothes?


It may seem inappropriate to mix grey with white on the surface because, in contrast to white, grey obviously belongs to the dark colors. However, we still have a way to tackle this issue.

To begin with, a couple of checkouts you need to think about before jumping into washing the laundry. 

First, whatever materials, make sure that they are harmlessly decolorized. Besides, it is a misconception to leave your garments for too long in the detergent together since after a certain time, the grey laundry will start to fade on the white one. 

Admittedly, a miniature portion of the grey may fade on the white each time, but it is almost indistinguishable. You can hardly see any change in your white clothes unless you do pay great attention to that.

Moreover, when washing a set of clothes, don’t hesitate to wash both the shorts and the shirts together. A clear explanation for this choice is that your white garments must somehow fade away along with time. As a result, we highly recommend you to wash all the white sets together to make them look harmonious in color and also less time-consuming while washing.


Another color we would like to mention is beige. Like grey, you have to go through several steps before starting to wash. Here you got two choices.

 The first one is soaking the clothes in the cold water. All you need to do here is to add a safe solvent and you are done. Or else, you may add gentle color bleach if you wish to.

In contrast, you could opt for using hot water to wash your laundry. We guarantee that this method stands little chance of fading colors into the white items. All the same, the quality of the dye does make a change.


The cream belongs to the light colors but not entirely white. Though it still bears no difference to the white one and it is okay to wash them together.

At the same time, as containing no dyestuff, the cream could wash well with other stuff, typically the white laundry. Irrespective of how many times you wash the clothes like that, the white garments still look new and attractive. Thus, there is no need to worry about the longevity of your white clothes.


Last but not least, white seems to be the optimal choice you could go for. As a rule, most housewives tend to separate the white items when washing. This is comprehensible since clothes with the same colors cause no change to the whole laundry items, let alone the white one. 

Anyway, this is not 100% true if there are any contaminated white clothes inside your load of clothing. The insects and color from the dirty clothes may attack the brand new white items and contaminate them.

Can You Dry Whites And Colors in The Laundry?

Unfortunately, the answer is no, you shouldn’t dry whites and colorful clothes together. It may be hard to believe but the wet condition in the washing machine could be an ideal place for the multicolored clothes to bleed on the whites. 

Though it just takes several minutes to finish the drying cycle, your white clothing will change its color. All your efforts beforehand will come to nothing.

Do You Need To Separate Whites And Darks?

Till now, there has been no clear cut explanation for this controversial laundry question. Each clothing has its materials, some include the industrial fabric, some contain the handmade one and many other endless kinds of fabric to name. 

For each kind, it demands a distinguished washing method with various detergents. For those complicated reasons, we can not be totally sure with you whether to sort the clothes out or not. However, if time permits, since the advantages totally outweigh its disadvantages, you had better set them apart to avoid unexpected bleeding circumstances.


We bet you have got a thorough understanding of what colors can you wash with white clothes. Try to jot down all the tips we have shown you to get the new and flashy white clothes. 

Now as an experienced person in washing, let’s have a try at all the suggestions we have recommended you above and have fun!

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