What Time Is It Okay To Vacuum In An Apartment – Avoid Disturbing Neighbors

Have you ever been in a situation when you really wanted your apartment to look spotless but were afraid that your neighbors next door would be annoyed? 

Well, I have. Like many people living in the city, I live in an apartment where I can hear even the smallest sound of my neighbors dropping things onto the floor. I was afraid cleaning my house would end up disturbing those who live near me, such as vacuuming the house. 

After years of living here and learning how to harmonize their convenience and my cleaning needs, I’ve come up with quite some great tips. Especially about what time is it okay to vacuum in an apartment! That’s why I’ve composed all my tips in this post for you! Scroll down to know more!


What Time Is It Okay To Vacuum In An Apartment?

It’s important to know the rules and regulations in place for your apartment before you start any renovations. Some buildings have set hours (commonly from 11 pm to 8 am) when tenants are prohibited from doing certain activities, such as vacuuming or washing clothes with a vacuum cleaner. 

This is so they don’t disrupt other residents with different noise limits than yours (for example, due to age).

You should stick with the cleaning regulations

Before doing anything, you should first check with management regarding their policies on work done outside designated periods. It would be best to make sure that it won’t violate any laws just by being loud! 

Sometimes, it might be tough to keep up with the rules of an apartment complex for people working unusual hours, night shifts, or on weekends. If your timetable conflicts with what the landlords have specified in their regulations, they may reject your application.

It’s preferable to arrange with the house owner on which days or times cleaning should take place. Otherwise, we’ll have no choice but to put extra effort into cleaning chores on established timetables.

What If There Are No Specific Regulations On When To Vacuum? What Should You Do In That Situation?

You should do vacuuming between the hours of 8 am and 11 pm. This, however, varies depending on your neighbors and other restrictions where you live.

It’s usually a good idea to consider your neighbors and other individuals in the building. If you know everyone sleeps late, vacuuming at 9 am could be sufficient because they can get up within that time range. 9 am is also a suitable time for neighbors who have to sleep during the day to work the night shift.

The best way to avoid waking up a sleeping person during their rest time is by using the vacuum cleaner at less intense levels. You can also hold off vacuuming daily if you know someone will be going on duty soon and need an energy boost for overnight hours.

Furthermore, the apartment regulations from 11 pm to 8 am might assist you in determining whether it is appropriate to vacuum your flat. These periods are frequently picked after a thorough survey of all potential circumstances, and you should stay within those hours.

How To Reduce Noise When Vacuuming?

Although you’re vacuuming the house in the best time range, it’s best to optimize the noise of your machine. Imagine, even when you’re awake, continuously hearing loud noises will not be a pleasant thing.

Cover The Air Outlet

One of the most common causes of noisy vacuuming is air intake and exhaustion. So, to avoid sore ears, muffle it by wrapping anything around an outlet, such as a cloth or towel. You’ll find an outlet vent on either side to do that (rarely top).

Here are some steps that you can refer to:

  • Take the air outlet measurement.
  • Cut the blanket or fabric to the same dimensions like the air outlet.
  • Cover the outlet properly with a towel or blanket.

Then turn the vacuum on. Remember to poke holes in the blanket or fabric to allow for proper air circulation. If there is insufficient space for ventilation, the vacuum will overheat and cause additional difficulties.

Clean The Filter

If you want to keep the vacuum sounding fresh and new, it’s necessary to clean the filter every month. This will preserve its quality and aid in preventing any potential infections that may be passed on to others.

  • To begin, empty the inside of your vacuum cleaner. Next, you can remove the tank lid and clean it a little bit. I would recommend using a soft cloth to do this because that’ll help prevent scratches on the plastic. Then carefully pour everything inside into a trash bag for disposal later on.
  • Cleaning your tank is important to keep it clean. Add a cup (or more) of bleach for 60 minutes, then carefully scrub the tank. Once done, all you have to do is rinse it off with a garden hose.
  • It’s time to clean the filters with water and soap. The suction at the top of the shop vac is being replaced with another vacuum. Then, clean the top of the machine with wipes. We prefer Clorox wipes, then let the filter dry.
  • Unscrew any attachments, such as straws or floor tool boxes, and then spray them with water (and maybe dish soap) before wiping away debris.
  • Put the parts together and turn it on to see if it works okay.

Remove The Clogs

Your vacuum may be generating too much noise because it has vacuumed up an item. This clogging situation might be forcing the spinning brush to work even harder and create even more vacuuming noises than usual!

Check inside any ducting on-site for blockages. If you spot anything, don’t hesitate and try removing them by yourself or calling in professional help as soon as possible!

Fix The Broken Fan

If you’re noticing that your vacuum cleaner is running slower than usual or a dirty fan blade, there may be a problem. 

To clean the fan, just put a wet tissue on it and run. If that doesn’t work for some reason, use a toothpick or something else small enough to fit between all those blades! 

In the event that you discover a damaged fan, it is recommended to take it to a service facility for repair.

Purchase A Quiet Vacuum Cleaner

Buy a quieter vacuum if you’re weary of dealing with noise complaints from your neighbors and want peace of mind. There are many various kinds available on the market.

Nonetheless, this method may not be suitable for people who do not have money to spare, but it may be the only viable choice.


Regarding what time is it okay to vacuum in an apartment, it’s not a troublesome issue. What matters most is that you think of other people who might be suffering from your daily activities. Only then can you solve the problem to its roots.

Vacuuming is an essential activity, but it may be noisy and bothersome to your neighbors. If you reside in an apartment complex with particular rules on when to vacuum, try to follow them. Or else, you can refer to some of my ways above to reduce noises.

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