Steam Clean Vs Shampoo Carpet: What Method Works More for You?

When it comes to cleaning the carpet, the two cleaning methods that will pop into my head first are steaming and washing with shampoo. For me, steaming is handier as I can do it when I am cleaning my house, but using shampoo might get rid of more dirt. 

So, steam clean vs shampoo carpet, which one is better? Follow me in this blog because I will compare these two methods and give you an idea of when to use one method and not the other. Besides, I will also share the pros and cons of them with you based on my observation.


Steam Clean Vs Shampoo Carpet – An Overall Comparison

First and foremost, let’s take an overall comparison of the two cleaning methods.

Steam Clean

Many people prefer to use this method because, in general, it seems to be easier to do, especially when you are cleaning your house with a steam mop. This method removes dirt and stains on your carpet thanks to the water, the heat, and the pressure. 

Combining these factors will easily remove the dirt on the surface and even the deeper level during this cleaning process.

Shampoo Carpet

Shampooing has some similarities to steaming, as the two use heat and pressure to get rid of the dirt on your carpet. However, this method will need more water, and you will need to use shampoo to clean off the dirt. 

So, this method has additional help with the chemicals on your shampoo and a brush, which is great. There’s only one point to notice when using a brush on it, you might destroy your carpet fibers if you use too much force. 

Steam Clean – Pros And Cons


  • If you are a pro-environment person just like me, you will be able to use the used water for other purposes, like watering plants in your garden, for example. 
  • The water vapor will easily clean and remove the grease, solid, stains, dirt, and hair on the surface. 
  • This method is really effective and reliable.
  • Steaming works better for pests as this method will get rid of both the pest and the eggs. 
  • As there are no chemicals needed, this method will be safer for your health and the environment. 
  • Your carpet will dry up faster. 


  • Some grease and dirt might be too stubborn for the steaming method, and you need to use chemicals on it. 
  • If the soil sticks too deep in your carpet, steaming cannot get rid of it completely. 

Shampoo Carpet – Pros And Cons


  • It is quite easy to find or rent shampoo cleaners in the city. 
  • When your carpet is seriously soiled, the shampooing method will work great.
  • There are many brands and commercial shampoos for you to choose from, and you can pick the best one for your carpet’s material.
  • You can easily get rid of the dirt on your carpet in a short time. 


  • Some commercial products might contain harmful chemicals for humans and pets. 
  • You might need to scrub your carpet when shampooing, and this action will damage or weaken the fibers. 
  • If you have pets and are infected by pests, the shampoo will easily handle the pests but not the eggs. 
  • If you do not clean off all the shampoo, the remainder will attract even more dirt into your carpet. 
  • It might not be easy to use shampoo on bigger carpets. 
  • If there is still much water remaining on your carpet, it will attract more dirt or at least smell bad. 
  • It will take much longer to dry your carpet compared to steaming. 
  • Bleaching chemicals on some shampoos can mess up the color of your carpet. 
  • The wrong type of brush will damage your carpet.

Which Carpet Cleaning Method Is Better?

As you can see, both of these two methods have pros and cons. Still, if I have to pick one method to use more frequently, I will go with the steaming method. So far, this method works better for me, and it seems like there are fewer issues during and after the cleaning process. 

I know some people would think using shampoo will get rid of more dirt because of the cleaning chemicals, but the truth is that steaming can clean your carpet on a deeper level. You do not need any detergent, the heat and the water are enough to get rid of the stubborn and old stains. 

Moreover, when steaming, you can avoid damaging the surface of your carpet as you do not use a stiff brush. And if you worry about the moisture remaining on the carpet, this method will be a better choice as it leaves less moisture.

What Mistakes Do You Need To Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet?

Before cleaning your carpet, it is important to avoid some mistakes as below:

Over-Wetting Or Over-Shampooing

If you use too much water on your carpet, the water will shrink deep into the bottom of it, and it won’t be easy to dry. In wet conditions, mildew will grow. Moreover, too much water can cause your carpet to discolor. 

Not just the water, but you should not use too much shampoo either. When you use too much shampoo, it is not easy to get rid of the remaining afterward, and therefore, the shampoo will attract more grease, dirt, sand, hair, etc. 

Furniture On Wet Carpeting

When you put your furniture on the carpet and clean it, the water in the carpet might cause staining. For furniture that does not have non-staining legs, this issue will likely happen. 

Final Thoughts

By the time you reach this final part of my blog, you must already have fundamental information about steaming carpet and cleaning it with shampoo. Steam clean vs shampoo carpet all have pros and cons, it’s up to your preferences and needs to determine which one is better.

I hope you find this blog informative, and I will go back with more housing tips in my next blog!

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