Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming – Easy Fixing Tips And Tricks!

Shark steam mop has been such a common household appliance for their excellent work on your floor. Yet the problem of shark steam mop not steaming keeps bothering many users.

I have got this same issue too, and I know how frustrating the hassle could be. You might go searching for ways to fix it then get dizzy by these incomprehensible words. 

Then do not worry, as I will give you a clear, straightforward explanation of why your shark steam mop goes wrong and how to fix it easily.

Let’s not waste any more time and get started right now!

How To Fix Shark Steam Mop Not Steaming?


Before directing to detailed fixing solutions, it’s best to find out why your shark steam mop is not steaming.

You should at first ensure to fill the tank with distilled water. Only with clean water can your shark steam mop heat the liquid.

If the mop still does not work, mostly it is because it gets blocked or leaked. In this case, you can try putting vinegar in the tank for a few hours, depending on the clog condition. 

Vinegar cleaning is easy and effective in most cases. Yet sometimes, your shark steam mop might need more repairing. So here are more detailed instructions on my fixing tips.

Blocked Nozzle

A blocked nozzle means that calcium clogs up in the nozzle. Where does this calcium come from? It’s through the steaming process that the water becomes vapor and remainders, including calcium. It then shoots up with the pressure and ends up clogging up at the jet, preventing the steam from going through.

To troubleshoot this problem, you have to prepare vinegar, cotton swabs, paper clips, or something similar.

The below steps would best describe how to tackle this challenge:

  • Step 1. Unplug the mop and leave it cool off.
  • Step 2. Clean up the water tank.
  • Step 3. Check if the spray tip gets blocked or not.
  • Step 4. If there is a nozzle in the spray tip, put a paperclip into the tip, then move it back and forth to empty the debris.
  • Step 5. Pour a cup of vinegar into the mop head and rub with a rag to loosen the buildup inside. 
  • Step 6. Let it cool down for a few minutes, and then turn it on to use like usual. 

Another way to dissolve the clog is simply pouring some solution of 50% vinegar and 50% water onto the tank and leaving it for a night. The next morning, find a place to turn on the highest steam mode, and you will have all the sediments burst out. Your shark steam mop will then work smoothly.


The second probable reason for your shark steam not steaming might concern the leaking problem.

The mop lets go of steam thanks to pressure, so the steam will not exit if the pressure gets interrupted somewhere. Among several reasons leading to this leakage, you can fix the poorly filled bottom cap one by yourself.

To check if there is a leakage or not, try the following steps.

Step 1. Fill the water tank with clean water.

Step 2. Check the bottom cap tightness.

Step 3. See if it is in the right place.

Step 4. In case you find the bottom cap, not in the secured place, contact the manufacturer.

Step 5. If possible, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on fixing the cap. If not, ask for their presentation to ensure the mop goes under correct repairs.

Other Reasons

Besides the two main causes, some other ridiculous reasons might happen. One could be you forget to fill the water tank. The other might be because the water does not get fully heated. Nothing is impossible, so check everything carefully at first.

How To Prevent Clogs on Shark Steam Mop?

To prevent these unwanted things from happening, you’d better note down some useful tips for using your shark steam mop.

Use Distilled Water

Shark has recommended their customers use distilled water for their steam mop. It is essential because distilled water contains no chemicals, which will release fewer remainders. Therefore, your clog is less likely to get clogged and face repairing issues.  

Regular Cleaning

Everything needs cleaning, and so does your shark steam mop. Even if you use distilled water, there are still sediments inside. Remember, regular maintenance is the key to a long life expectancy so try to clean the steamer after each use. 

Turn on The Mop after Filling the Tank

Some people have a habit of switching on the mop before filling in the water. It would be best if you stopped this action as it might cause damage to the tank itself. Fill in the distilled water first, then turn on the mop and wait for 30-40 seconds. 

Final Thoughts

A clogged steam mop does not only cause you trouble but might also be dangerous to you. Therefore, my advice is for you to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid unwanted issues. 

After these detailed explanations on fixing the case, your shark steam mop not steaming will no longer be a big problem. If a clog happens, I believe my sharing experience can be beneficial to you.

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