Is There a Self-Cleaning Humidifier? Which Is the Best Choice for Home Use?

Undoubtedly, humidifiers have become an essential part in most of the households nowadays for controlling indoor humidity and improving air quality. And shoppers recently started getting curious about a compact device called “self-cleaning humidifier.”

But what are the benefits that this modern type of device brings to our life? And more importantly, which is the best self-cleaning humidifier for home use?

Now, we will find the answer in today’s post! 

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Is There A Self-Cleaning Humidifier? 

Of the hi-tech innovation, the self-cleaning humidifier is officially available in a wide range of models. However, due to the term “self-cleaning”, there is quite a misunderstanding regarding its function. 

Re-Definition of The “Self-cleaning” Term

A standard humidifier uses the tap water for operation. The minerals contained in the water then leave limestone behind and form bacteria inside the device. For months, these microorganisms spread and cause health problems whenever the humidifier operates. 

Thanks to the advanced technology, the “self-cleaning” humidifier comes to the market and introduces the special filters of hydrogen peroxide solution. This device does wonders on removing the minerals in water before the humidifier sprays mist. Hence, water will always stay clean, so that contaminants have no chance to grow. 

Despite the effective “self-cleaning” process, you must clean the humidity regularly to maintain its longevity and efficiency. We suggest the frequency of once a week. 

Benefits of The Self-Cleaning Humidifier

From the information we mentioned above, you can see how beneficial the self-cleaning humidifier can be. 

Firstly, it helps to simplify the way that you clean the device. Removing all minerals left inside the humidifier will no longer be a tedious and time-consuming task. 

Secondly, it makes your living space safer without pathogens. During the operation, the filters will catch all the microorganisms and curb their growth to the minimum. 

Which Is The Best Self-Cleaning Humidifier For Home Use? 

Image by Aaron Yoo

When shopping for the most suitable self-cleaning humidifier for your home, the following are several most crucial criteria for you to base on.


There are two common humidifier styles, including standalone humidifiers and HVAC humidifiers. They come with differences in installation and usage. 

Standalone Humidifier

Users often plugin this humidifier into the residential electrical outlet. It is suitable to add moisture to single rooms, multiple rooms, or even the whole house. 

HVAC Humidifier

It is the direct connection between the HVAC humidifier and the house heating/cooling system. The device, through the ductwork, controls the humidity of your whole house. 

Types of Mist

Not only the humidifier styles, but the mist produced by the device is also the thing that you need to care about. People tend to prefer two main types: cool mist and warm mist. 

Cool Mist

With the cool mist humidifier, you can save a lot of electricity since there is no need to boil water inside the machine. Without using hot water, the device will be safe for users, especially parents with children. However, some annoying operating noise may annoy you. 

Warm Mist

Another name of the warm mist humidifier is the steam humidifier. Using a heating part, this humidifier releases the warm mist into the air. On cold days, the warm mist will surely make the room warmer and bring a lot of comfort, too. 


In addition to cool mist and warm mist humidifiers, you can search for products such as air washers and aroma diffusers on the market. They are types of humidifiers helping to get rid of impurities and disperse moisture into the air. 


Which is the best self-cleaning humidifier for home use? The answer also depends on how you determine your room size. A humidifier can do its function the best when its design is compatible with the room size. 

The first step is to measure your room or the place where you plan to place the humidifier. Generally, a standard tabletop humidifier works well for space up to 25 square feet. On the other hand, brands suggest choosing the console humidifiers for the broader area of use. 

Moreover, the humidifiers with a bigger tank do not take much time to refill water. Hence, based on different demands, you will pick the most suitable models. 

Convenience Features

To add more convenience, many self-cleaning humidifiers are available with a wide range of additional features. 

  • Variable speeds: The level of room humidity does not stay the same all the time. So, variable speeds enable you to adjust the effectiveness of the device. 
  • Automatic shut-off: What will happen if the humidifier keeps running when its tank runs out of water? We are so sure that the device’s longevity will get worse for months. Hence, the humidifier should feature automatic shut-off to prevent such problems from happening. 
  • Indicator light: It will notify you when the water tank empties or you need to replace the filters. 


When it comes to the question “Which is the best self-cleaning humidifier for home use?”, the filter seems to be the most important element to focus on. You also need to consider other elements such as styles and sizes of the device, though. And we hope that our guideline will be helpful for your consideration. 

If you have chosen your self-cleaning humidifier, we are eager to know about your experience. Feel free to drop us(ChocolateaAndCraft) a line!

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