Top 10 Best Ways To Remove Rust From Metal Furniture 2022

Today I have combined a list of 10 different ways to remove rust from metal furniture in your house for you to check out!

If you have metal furniture or equipment in your household, then you would know the struggle of removing all the rust. 

But rest assured! This list will show you ten different ways on how to remove rust from your furniture the next time those annoying marks bother you again.

Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Regular cleaning to avoid rust forming

Detailed Ways To Remove Rust From Metal Furniture

Using Electric Tools To Get Rid Of Rust

Removing rust is a challenging task as the rust is a stubborn substance that pops up everywhere. However, challenging does not mean it’s impossible.

Power tools used for metal and wood-working can also be used for cleaning off rust. You can easily use these devices to scour, grind, or even sand off the rust. But be aware that this technique could remove the paint coating of your furniture if you are not careful. 

For large areas of rust, grinders are the most ideal. While oscillating drills and sanders work best for smaller areas, you could also fit carbide rasps or sanding pads to this equipment in order to reach even smaller parts of your furniture and crevices.

The only technique you have to keep in mind is constantly moving the tool to prevent penetrating the outer layer of your furniture. 

After the rust is removed, it is recommended that you should sand off the areas for a smooth surface. And you can also give that area a nice coat of paint and priming to preserve the metal. 

Using Chemical (With Cautions) 

Evapo-Rust (non-toxic option)

Being a non-toxic solution, Evapo-rust does not contain acid so it’s relatively safe to use. But the tricky part is it requires to be diluted in water before use. And you have to dip the furniture in the mixture to remove the rust.

It would not be a problem if you have small rusted furniture, but if you have a large-sized one, this solution might not be the best for you.

Hydrochloric Acid

If you are looking for a more potent chemical, hydrochloric acid is the one. 

The instruction for usage is rather straightforward. You use a brush, apply the solution to the rusted surfaces on your furniture, and wait for several minutes (which will be instructed on the wrapping). 

Under the chemical reactions, the rust will be liquified eventually to the point you can easily scrub it off. Repeat several times until the surfaces are free of rust. 

These potent chemicals are not hard to find at any department store. But make sure you also wear safety equipment such as gloves, goggles, fume hood, etc. during the process.

And it would be best if you also worked outside or in ventilated areas to avoid breathing in the fumes as much as possible. 

Rust Converters

Another ideal option for getting rid of rust is Rust Converter. Unless you are familiar with this fantastic product, worry not as we are about to show you a whole new different world!

Rust Converters are formulated with multifaceted synthetic polymers. Their uses are not only to remove rust ( by converting it into more effortless wash away substances) but also to keep the rust from expanding.

Moreover, Rust Converters also works as a primer! So basically, you have the best of both worlds in just one product. 

Before applying the converter, you will need to scrape all the flaky paint or rush off your furniture first using a brush. Then you could use another brush or sponge to spread the converter on it. 

A spray bottle of converter is also available if you prefer an easier method. Nevertheless, converters are one the most efficient rust removing techniques you could find, and all the resilient rust will disappear in no time.

A quick reminder for your safety is that don’t forget your gloves and goggles; even though converters are milder solutions than other acids, safety always comes first!

Using Household Ingredients

If you are not a fan of those options above, don’t worry, we have more to come! 

These following techniques are even easier since they mainly use ingredients that you definitely have lying around your house.

Cleaning Agent

The easiest way to get furniture free of rust is to clean off any stains and rust signs before they become a bigger problem. To do that, all you need is a rag and a cleaning agent.

You can use the rag to apply the agent or spray it directly onto the rusted areas and then wipe everything off with a clean cloth. Make sure you keep all the surface dry by wiping it thoroughly. 

This method is a preventative measure to preserve all your metal appliances from getting rusty. 

Aluminum Foil

Everyone has aluminum foil in their house, but not all of them know how to use it to get rid of rust. We will show you the way in just a second! 

Prepare a mixture of salt and water, then dip your aluminum foil, which is rolled into a ball, in the mixture, and use it to rub on patches of rusts.

Easy right? The combination will ignite a chemical reaction that loosens the rust, and you can wipe it all off later. You can always repeat the process until the furniture is entirely rust-free.

White Vinegar

You want to find a homemade acidic solution, go for white vinegar! 

White vinegar is not only useful in taking off the rust but also for keeping your furniture thoroughly clean.

The method is very simple. You spray the area of rust with vinegar and let it sit for a while. After that, you can scrub it off with a rag to reveal a rust-free surface. To increase the potency of white vinegar, you can add in some salt as it will intensify the acidity immediately. 

This solution works amazingly for heavy or stubborn rust areas.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a multi-purpose product that is helpful in many different ways. So, of course, it can be used to remove rust.

Mixing baking soda with a bit of water, and you will have a rust-removing mixture in no time. Apply it to rusted areas with a brush or sponge and watch it turn bubbly. Then you can easily scrub everything off, including the rust. 

On the other hand, baking soda could also be mixed with H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) to create a thick mixture that can be used to remove rust.

Applying that baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixture just like the step above and scrub it all off after half an hour. Depending on the amount of rust, you have to repeat the action several times until the furniture is entirely free of rust.

Salt Mix With Lemon

The combination of the citric acid in lemon and salt makes a perfect mixture for rust removal. However, since citric acid is pretty mild compared to hydrochloric acid, it might take a bit more time to react with the rust. 

Just apply the solution to your rusted furniture and wait for a couple of hours before scrubbing everything off. You can always repeat several times until it gets to your satisfaction point. 

You can boost the efficiency of the solution by scrubbing with aluminum foil on heavily rusted areas. The aluminum will also react with rusts and help loosen them faster. 


The oxalic acid in potatoes not only removes the rust but also gets rid of all the brownish stains from metal.

After cutting the potato in half, you add some salt or dish soap to the rusted surface and use the potato to rub on it. The contact between the potato and salt or dish soap will create a chemical reaction that softens up the rust enough for you to wipe it off. 

This method is most effective for small rusted equipment, such as a pair of scissors.

How To Preserve Furniture From Rusting?

Over time, metal furniture will accumulate rust and destroy its original appearance. There are several preventive measures that you can take to lessen the amount of rust. 

  • Keeping your metal furniture dry is the first step in preventing rust. Wipe it regularly with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. 
  • Cover the furniture to protect from rain and direct sunlight
  • Apply a thin layer of water-resistant oil, grease, paint, or wax to prevent the formation of rust. 


Removing rust could be a pain, but with these recommendations on how to remove rust from metal furniture, ChocolateaAndCraft hope you will find for yourself the most suitable and convenient method to adopt. 

However, remember that your job is not done here. After scrubbing off the rust, make sure to give your furniture an excellent and high-quality top coat. 

Prevention is always a must, or else the patches of rust will pop up all over again. But if it does, you will have ten ways to clean it all off!

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