What To Do If a Plunger & Drain Cleaner Didn’t Work?

It is inconvenient when our drains get clogged. Whenever this happens, most of us immediately look for a solution, and drain cleaner is one of the first options that appears in our head. However, many people have reported that these chemicals do not work. So, what to do if a plunger & drain cleaner didn’t work??

In this article, we are going to break it down to see if the drain cleaner is the best option, and what other solutions are. Let’s figure it out now!

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What Is The Best Thing to Do With Your Clogged Plungers and Drains?

We might think about buying some commercial plugger and drain cleaner and then pouring it in our drain to unlock it. However, this method does not always work like magic. Even when it does, it might cause some damage later on, and we will get into this small topic later. 

Now, what is the best thing to do with your clogged plungers and drains? Normally, when your drain is clogged just a little bit, you should find some good product or mixture to unclog it before the case becomes more serious. 

The best products to use here are what you can find in your home, such as vinegar, baking soda, hot water, and salt. You may think these products are less useful than special chemical cleaners, but most of the time, it can work much better and even safer for your drains. 

In the next section of this article, we are going to provide you how to make your plugger and drain cleaners that work. 

What To Do If a Plunger & Drain Cleaner Didn’t Work? Home-Made Methods

Boiling/Hot Water

This is the easiest way to do it. All you need to do is boil some water (a reasonable amount of water for your drains), pour it into your pipe, and leave it there for fifteen minutes or so. The hot water can clean your pipe and unclogged it afterward. 

Even though this cleaning process is super easy, it normally only works for simple situations. For more seriously clogged pipes, you might need to check other mixtures below.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium Hydroxide is a familiar chemical used in many cleaning processes such as cleaning stains off the sink, floor, drains, and many other things in our house. Do you know that this chemical compound can also be used as a plugger and drain cleaner? 

When Sodium Hydroxide is poured into your drain, it will kill microorganisms there and clean the dust, dirt, and grime that have been built up inside of your drains for so long. After this cleaning process, the dirt will be wiped out, and water can flow easily on your pipe again. 

Before using Sodium Hydroxide, you should wear plastic gear to protect your hands because this chemical might be harmful to humans’ skin. When you are ready, prepare a bucket of water and pour around four Sodium Hydroxide cups in. 

After that, pour the mixture on your drains, wait around one hour, and then pour hot water inside of the pipe again. You can choose to repeat this cleaning process a few more times if you wish to, or if your drains are seriously clogged.

Baking Soda and Salt

Baking soda and salt will be another great mixture to use for your drain. As baking soda is a perfect ingredient for cleaning, it will do a great job cleaning your pip. In general, the cleaning process of baking soda and salt is quite similar to Sodium Hydroxide. 

First, mix one cup of salt and one cup of baking soda and pour it into your pipes. Wait for around one hour, then pour hot water into the drain again. You must use hot water instead of cold water in the last step if you want to get a good result. 

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Vinegar and baking soda can clean up so many hard stains and has been seen as magical cleaning mixtures. Again, this mixture can be a perfect choice for you when it comes to cleaning pluggers and drains. 

Mix baking soda and vinegar with a 1:1 ratio, then pour them into the clogged drain. Do not plush it right away! Leave it there for around one hour, then pour boiling or hot water into the drain, then you will see the immediate results. 

Call a Maintainer

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Even though the mixtures mentioned above can be super effective in many situations, sometimes, there is some serious problem inside the pipe that we do not know and cannot solve by ourselves. 

In this case, calling a maintainer will be a smart choice. We recommend you contact them after trying the other methods and still do not see the result. 

What Not to Do While Unclogging Your Plunger & Drain?

  • Do Not Use Tools That Are Hard to Use

Just by searching on the Internet, you will see many tips on making your tools or buying professional tools to unclog your drains, such as forcing some tools down there to unclog the drain. 

Unfortunately, you might damage your pipes even more if you do not use tools in the right way. In this case, you should learn carefully on how to use the tools properly. If possible, call a maintainer when you do not know what to do next.

  • Do Not Always Trust Chemical Cleaners

As commercials, you might trust a chemical cleaner about this “power” to unclog your drain. However, so many people have reported that these chemicals do not benefit or sometimes damage their pipes even more. 

When you choose a strong cleaner, it might fix your problem well at first. But, it might end up damaging your pipe and causing worse problems later on. 


What to do if a plunger & drain cleaner didn’t work? After reading this blog, we think you now can easily unclog your drain with simple mixtures, as well as avoid doing things that are not good for it. We hope you find this blog by ChocolateaAndCraft informative!

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