Peace Lily Clean Air: Scientific Evidence for That

While living in big cities and industrial areas provides you with many job opportunities, it also keeps you from connecting with nature and exposes you to all kinds of pollution. That’s why many people in the cities are getting indoor plants to create a small green space inside their homes to freshen the air.

One of the favorite indoor plants is Peace Lily due to its effectiveness in cleaning the air.

So how does Peace lily clean air? Let’s continue to find out below.


Peace Lily – A Brief Introduction

Before understanding how Peace lily works, let’s learn a bit about this flower’s background.

Peace lily is a common name for Spathiphyllum, which is a closet plant for home decoration. Being discovered in a Colombian jungle by Gustav Wallis in 1824, Peace lily has a distinctive look with dark foliage, half-folding creamy white flowers on stiff stems.

This appearance inspire people to think of a white flag marking peace and named this flower Peace lily. Some people also stated that the name came from its usage as a common plant for funerals.

How Does Peace Lily Clean Air?

Now that you know this amazing plant’s background, it is time to learn how a plant can clean the air.

A research from NASA, called NASA Clean Air Study, was conducted to find a way to clean the air in the space station. Surprisingly, the researchers discovered a new function in air cleaning some common indoor plants, especially Peace lily.

The result indicates that Peace lily has a unique function to neutralize five hazardous household chemicals.

One of the dangerous chemicals that Peace lily can effectively remove is carbon monoxide. It is an odorless yet toxic gas that can cause brain damage and heart problems if you’re exposed for a long period.

Another chemical is Xylene, commonly known in the varnish industry, while Benzene can be found in plastic, paint, or glue. Peace lily can also remove formaldehyde, a common preservative in cleaning products.

It is clear that Peace lily is not just a normal decorative indoor plant, and there are more benefits to having one at home. Therefore, researchers also recommend having at least one plant per 100 square feet or 9.3 square meters.

Wrapping It Up 

Peace lily is a great decorated closet plant for houses or office buildings because of its fresh and modern look and its beneficial function: air purifier.

After reading this article, we have learned how does Peace lily clean air and how it can tremendously enhance your living space condition if you know how to properly take care of it. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s find yourself a baby peace lily now!

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