Mop or Vacuum First – Which One to Choose?

Welcome homemakers! If you have been down to the cleaning aisle recently, you will realize that you need to solve tons of problems, for example, Mop or Vacuum first. I bet that you rarely take this question seriously but trust me, once you know how to do it the right way, you will really feel thankful. 

Without any further ado, let’s dive right in!

What are The Different Types of Dust in Your House?

There are so many distinctive kinds of people on the planet with different types of character, right? Believe me; dust also has a variety of types that you should know how to get rid of.

Your “dirty floor” usually consists of two layers: the top layer and the bottom layer.

The top layer is mostly made of dust from your surrounding environment, fall out hair, skin cells, cat or dog fur, sometimes even bread crumbs or pie, etc. This upper layer is easier to clean because they do not stick to your floor and often “looser.” 

Your challenging work is on the bottom layer of the floor. This layer includes spilled water, liquid or food, stain from your kids watercolor, or anything that makes your floor looks dirty but won’t go away. 

So, how can you make your floor look shiny as new again, and where should you start?

Mop or Vacuum First, Which One to Choose?

First of all, as I mentioned above, the top layer of your floor is much more accessible when it comes to cleaning. You should vacuum first because the powerful engine will help you suck in all dust particles, while mopping makes it move around, and turns out, you just push it under your furniture or in the corner of your room.

It is essential to vacuum the house first.

For moping, this cleaning method requires water or liquid detergent to eliminate stains. Therefore, it won’t be suitable for upper layer dust because you can turn it into a sticky sludge. You should definitely go for vacuuming first to remove large particles and then save the moping for later to get rid of the stubborn stain below. 

Secondly, one more advantage of vacuuming first is that it is a lot quicker compared to moping on occasions where you have unannounced guests, and your floor is full of dust. Surprise visits are one of today’s realities, so having your home vacuumed in just a few minutes will save you of awkward, embarrassing situations. 

Thirdly, vacuums have advanced technology that can remove things that we can not see with our eyes. For example, carcinogens, which are substances from your cigarettes, impregnate carpets, rugs, or upholstery that increase cancer risk for kids and pets. 

Last but not least, using a vacuum first prevents you from inhaling dust. Although you may not be an allergic person, you can become one. Inhaling airborne particles of latex from your carpets, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, or pet dander for an extended period of time may trigger severe indoor allergies. Trust me when I say you do not want that!

But there are some precautions that you should remember. The first thing is that you should never forget to read the instruction manual before you start using it. This seems unnecessary, but there are many features of a vacuum that we don’t know how to use effectively, such as UV mode to eliminate germs and bacterias or different modes for unique surfaces like hard or wooden floors.

Why Should You Go for Moping Later?

While vacuuming will quickly eliminate large dust particles, mopping is a more extreme method to wash off any bacterias left and keep your floor shine by using water and strong chemical detergents. This should be done right after you finish vacuuming.

Moping is excellent for any heavy-duty work or outdoor cleaning, such as your balcony, where there is no power socket. The mop’s durable cotton fiber is great for fragile surfaces such as glass or any scratchable floor. 

Some mops even have microfiber strains, which are delicate enough so that hardwood or stone floors can tolerate it. Plus, they are super absorbent and don’t leave streaks behind, making your floor look shiny and sleek. 

There are plenty of mops for housewives to choose, from the traditional deck mop to sponge mop or. It is up to your preference of purpose to pick out the best option for your home. Mops combined with a powerful cleaning liquid solution can allow you to tackle any tough stains, even mud or dust build-up, which a vacuum can not do.

Of course, to promote the best effectiveness of the mop, you need to rinse it thoroughly and use a suitable cleaning solution. Do not use cold water, and remember to always mop towards your doors.

In Sum

When it comes to cleaning houses, it is crucial to map out a plan to attack where vacuuming goes first. You will want to do this thoroughly, even on a hard surface floor, as vacuuming will remove all large particles or any trash. Afterward, you can mop or clean your house as needed.

ChocolateaAndCraft hope that you are now equipped with enough knowledge to answer the question Mop or Vacuum first and planned out your perfect cleaning strategy. Thank you for reading this, and do not forget to share this with your friends and family so they can also have clean, shiny floors.

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