How To Keep Bathroom Clean With Roommates – Excellent Tips To Follow

Each one has their own thoughts about cleanliness. When the mess and smells can disturb you, others consider them as normal things. Sometimes, you will feel exhausted when trying to keep bathroom clean with roommates.  

Do not worry as we provide you with some useful tips. Let’s have a look at this post now.


Keep Bathroom Clean With Roommates – Useful Tips For You

Organize Your Space

Instead of putting your makeup on the counter, you can buy some organizers to hold cosmetics. They will help your bathroom look so much bigger. As for shampoo, lotion, body wash, and others, let’s use the shower caddy.

Doing these will help you clean much easier as you can take anything in the box without moving other things.

Besides, throwing wet towels on the floor is an extremely bad idea. Not only can you make the towels take forever to dry, but it also makes them grow mushrooms. Most importantly, those towels can spread very bad smells, bacteria, and viruses all over your bathroom.

It is actually the same with the dirty clothes. To be more specific, bad smells from your sweat and your body odor on the clothes will pervade your bathroom. In this case, you should use the baskets to put those clothes in and keep them away from the bathroom to prevent the smells and save space.

Set A Schedule & Keep Everything Clean

If you and your roommates don’t share the free time in common, you need a cleaning schedule. Let’s find a suitable time for each other, then use a whiteboard right on the bathroom door to make sure you and your roommate can always see it.

Keep in mind that cleaning your bathroom is always a must to do. You cannot just use the hose to spread the water all over the floor and walk away.

Here are some tasks that need to be done:

  • Take care of the mirror, wall, and door.
  • Scrub bathtub and sinks.
  • Remove dirt from the counter.
  • Scrub the floor.

For some spots that you don’t want to use your hands to touch them directly, like the toilet or the sewer, bathroom tools and cleaners will help you out.

Rest assured that you don’t have to do everything manually anymore, thanks to the toilet wand or the spin scrubber. Of course, you definitely will need some products like sponges, brushes, spray, gel cleaner, and bleach. 

Equip with An Easy-going Smelling Scent

No matter how difficult you keep your bathroom clean, there will be bathroom odors. Similar to your bedroom or living room, your bathroom needs fragrant smells from candles, air fresheners, scented gel, or room spray so that you can feel relaxed when taking a shower or doing a morning hygiene routine. 

Final Thought

Sharing space and living with others are amazing experiences for you in life,  so you should not be upset. You guys should agree on the schedule, and the best option is to find the person that has lots of commons with your lifestyle. 

It’s a shared place, so if there’s any problem, you should share with each other, talk it out, and solve it. From now on, we bet that you can keep bathroom clean with roommates without much of a hassle.

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