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How To Keep Ants Away From Cat And Dog Food? – Ways To Eradicate Ants

Below are detailed instructions on how to keep ants away from cat and dog food that you can follow step by step. Instead of purchasing ant sprays to deal with the ant problem, apply our methods, then you will see how effectively they work. 

Also, using sprays may be harmful to your pets because they probably leave toxic residues, then your cats and dogs can accidentally lick and get tainted. 

As the spring comes, along with flowers blossoming, the ants also start invading your home. They love to seek for cat and dog food, and after several months, they will have wreaked havoc on your pet food packs. It causes infested food, preventing your pets from enjoying their food.  

How to Keep Ants Away from Cat and Dog Food? – Easy-to-Follow Approaches


Method 1: Preventing Ants From Invading 

#1. Keep Pet Food in Plastic Containers

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People usually overlook to keep the pet food properly, leading to a greater chance of ant invasion, and the most commonplace is in the bag. 

Rather, we do think you should keep the food in a clean plastic container if you already open the bag. There are thousands of plastic containers available that you can freely choose to keep the cat and dog food. 

#2. Wash the Food Bowls

Crumbs or any leftovers are prone to attract ants; hence clear up the bowl and wash it under tap water at least once during two days of use. We recommend you wash the bowls with a pet-safe detergent first. Then, rinse carefully with clean water. 

But if you are kind of lazy, you may get into some ant problems, taking you to an even more complicated procedure to get ants away from the pet food. Or else, you have to waste money buying new food packs. 

#3. Keep the Feeding Areas Hygienic

Keeping the feeding areas hygienic is the first step in discouraging ants from getting tempted to the food area. Your pets commonly finish eating by scattering the crumbs around. Therefore, remember to sweep the food left right away. 

You can use lemon or vinegar mixtures to mop the floor. By doing so, you successfully deter ants from approaching.

#4. Create Boundaries Around the Food

You can use certain substances to make a boundary around the bowls. Doing so helps keep ants away from cat and dog food. You can follow some tips below:

  • Use chalk to create a line around the food bowls.
  • Encircle the bowls with coffee ground, ground cinnamon, ash, or chilli powder. However, it will be best if you place the bowls over a newspaper first. 
  • Put some petroleum jelly around the edge of the plastic container in which you store cat and dog food.
  • Spray lemon or vinegar around the areas you put the pet bowls.

#5. Use a Lure to Attract Ants

Another good way to repel the ants far from the food bowls is placing ant bait under the pet-safe box. Make sure you prepare a hole that is small enough for ants to get in and get poisoned. 

At the same time, do not let your pets get close to the bait. There is an important note that you should place the ant bait in excessively narrow areas that your cats and dogs can not access. 

#6. Use Essential Oils Safely

Wipe some essential oils down the floor around your pet bowls with a clean damp cloth. You can also drop a little peppermint oil to the cloth because a strong smell effectively keeps ants away from the pet food. 

Besides, grapefruit, orange, or lemon oil also works when it comes to ant elimination. Bear in mind that your pets may digest undiluted essential oils, hence put well-diluted oils around places they can lick by chance.

#7. Use Cornstarch

  1. Remove the ant-infested pet food into a long shallow bin. 
  2. Use cornstarch that you consume daily for cooking. 
  3. Sprinkle the cornstarch onto that bin.
  4. Toss the mixture evenly. The cornstarch helps separate ants from the pet food.
  5. After that, grab a strainer and fill it with the food. Toss the strainer while using a dry brush to detach ants still stuck on pet food. After you finish removing the ants, pour the clean food back into the pet food container. The leftover cornstarch will not harm your cats and dogs. Although this way is quite tedious, requiring you lots of patience, it actually works. 

Method 2: Making A Food Bowl Moat 

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#1. Remove Ants in the Food Bowl

Empty the contaminated pet food bowls, pour the ants and leftovers into a plastic bag. Then seal the bag tightly, and throw it away. 

#2. Wash The Bowl

Soak the pet bowls deeply into the detergent, then rinse carefully with hot water to make sure you get rid of all pheromones left by ants. Or else, the pheromones will captivate more ants coming back. Another option is using your dishwasher to clean up the bowls, but only when the pet bowls are dishwasher safe.

#3. Clean The Food Area

After detaching ants, cleanse the area around the bowls. Use lemon juice or vinegar to erase the pheromone trail and prevent new ants from getting interested. We suggest you mop the entire kitchen area, particularly around pet food containers.

#4. Find A Moat Container

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Opt for a shallow container that is larger and wider than the pet food bowls, for example, a silver tray or a roasting tray that you can place the bowl into perfectly.

However, you should avoid grabbing a too-big container. Rather, the space between the bowl and the edge of the moat should be an inch that is just enough to keep ants away.

Recently, many companies have designed bowls that already embody a moat inside for convenience. Hence, you can quickly wash an entire bowl in one go. But if you prefer DIY methods for money-saving, then follow our instructions. 

#5. Fill The Container With Water

Pour enough water into your moat, but remember to avoid filling it too high because water will spill into the pet food. A small amount of water provides a perfect barrier against the ants. 

But if you want to deter ants from crossing to crawl onto the food bowl, try putting a few drops of essential oils or dishwashing soap in your moat containing water. We have a crucial note that you only pour dishwashing liquid if the distance between the food bowl and your moat is narrow, meaning that your pets can not drink the liquid.

#6. Place The Food Bowl in A Moat Container

Place the food bowl in that moat container, then fill the bowl with fresh pet food. In case your moat is too large, you can move the bowl close enough to the edge of the container so that your cats and dogs can eat food with no difficulty. However, make sure the pet bowl is distant enough from the edge to prevent ants from hopping across. 

#7. Empty The Moat Container If Needed

Refresh new water because there may be drowned ants and pet food spilled outside onto the water. 

#8. Repeat The Process

Gradually, the ants stop returning. Nonetheless, you have to feed your cats and dogs in this manner repeatedly, especially in warmer weather. 

Final Words 

We hope that our paper guiding how to keep ants away from cat and dog food has provided you with some useful information. So you can eradicate ants forever. 

If you have applied one of the many ways we mentioned above, share your experience with us. We appreciate your belief and support.

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