Is Vinegar Safe On Hardwood Floors?

Have you ever spilled oil on your hardwood floors by accident? Everything messed up, so many tasks await, and you’re looking for a prompt, clean solution? Don’t worry, because I will provide you with an easy method that fulfills your requirements: A homemade cleanser from vinegar. 

Cleaning with vinegar is a great way to remove grease, grime, dirt, and other debris on surfaces. Though the safety of this method has always been a controversial topic, many people still doubt its efficiency. Is Vinegar safe on Hardwood floors?

Is Vinegar Safe On Hardwood Floors?

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Hardwood floors require a neutral pH cleaner, whereas vinegar is an acid. It will gradually break down the protective coating on the floors, resulting in a dreary appearance. But when mixed with water, the liquid’s acidity is greatly reduced, and it becomes an efficient method to clean. It is, of course, completely safe on hardwood floors. 

However, you should choose a proper kind of vinegar. White vinegar is the most widely used because it has been proved a perfect, natural alternative for dissolving dirt and grime, removing stains, and sanitizing floors. 

Another option is cleaning vinegar – which contains a very high level of acidity. But I strongly recommend you the white vinegar due to its effectiveness and the excellent result it brings back.

How To Clean Your Hardwood Floors In Proper Way?

This isn’t as difficult as you think. Here are some simple steps you could follow, and I’m speaking from experience:

Clear The Floor

  • Move all the furniture and items away from the floor to make room for effective cleaning.
  • Remove all the dust, grime, hair, debris. You can use a vacuum to speed up your work.

Make A Solution Of White Vinegar

Make your  solution in a bucket with the following ratio:

  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • 1 gallon of warm water

Mop The Floor 

  • Dip your cleaning mop into the solution and wring it out until it is damp dry. You should remember: “Don’t let your mop get too wet because it can deteriorate your hardwood surface!”
  • Sweep the floor from every corner. Follow the direction of the wood, and replace the solution with a new one if it gets too dirty.

Polish Once Again

  • After mopping all the surfaces, you can use a dry, clean towel to polish one more time. You’ll be surprised by the result!
  • You also need to avoid having your children stepping on the floor until it dries completely.


Is vinegar safe on hardwood floors? Well, I applied it to my hardwood surface; and it is entirely safe. I think that we need to use the right vinegar and use it properly. The effectiveness is amazing. 

If you’re still not convinced, you can choose a ready-to-go cleanser. The decision is all yours! In my opinion, no matter what you choose, it will always leave your house fresh and clean.

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