How to Whiten Yellow Soles on Shoes with Baking Soda? The Simple Methods

Shoes with many colors can look so fashionable with white soles, but when the white soles turn yellow, we might feel like our shoes are so dirty or look old. How to whiten yellow soles on shoes with baking soda – a common cleaner for many belongings?

In this blog, we are going to show you how to whiten the soles of your favorite shoes with three simple steps and inform you on how to maintain the white color of the soles. Keep on reading!


How to Whiten Yellow Soles on Shoes with Baking Soda?

How to Make Baking Soda for Cleaning Soles?

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To create a mixture for cleaning shoes, you can mix baking soda and water with a ratio of 2:1. In case the stains of your soles are too hard to clean off, you should prepare some Hydrogen Peroxide – a common cleaner ingredient used on shoes, floors, marble, and for many other cleaning purposes. 

The ratio of baking soda, water, and Hydrogen Peroxide will be 2:1:1. Carefully mix all the ingredients until they fully dissolve. 

Besides the cleaner, you should need an old toothbrush and some cloth pieces and prepare some gears, especially Hydrogen Peroxide. Now, let’s start cleaning the soles.

Step 1: Rubbing the Yellow Stains

Dip the old toothbrush on the cleaner you prepared, then apply it on your shoes’ soles. Carefully clean all the yellow stains until they all come off the whale surfaces of your shoes. When you feel like the stains are too hard to get rid of, clean them harder. 

Step 2: Check the Results

If you want to check the result carefully, make sure you are cleaning your soles in the bright area with sunlight or the light on. Start rinsing the mixture off the soles and check if there are any yellow stains there. In case you still see the stains, go back to step 1 and clean them carefully again. 

Step 3: Wash the Soles with Running Water and Dry Them

After you are happy with the results, clean the soles with running water until the cleaner is completely washed away. Next, hang your shoes under sunlight to dry them. 

Affordable Substitutes for Baking Soda Cleaners

Tooth Paste

When you do not have baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide available in your house, you can simply use toothpaste – the must-have product everyone has. However, toothpaste can only clean easy and new stains off your soles. If the stains are too tough, then the results might not be the best for you. 

To clean your soles with toothpaste, you can apply the toothpaste on your soles and use the old toothbrush to rub the whole soles. You can copy the steps on the guide provided above to whiten your soles.


Unlike toothpaste, bleach is much stronger and can clean the tough stains off much easier. If you choose to use bleach, it will be better to wear gears because this chemical can harm our hands’ skin, especially sensitive skin. 

Mix bleach and water with the 1:1 ratio, then use the old toothbrush to clean your soles with bleach. 

How to Keep Your Soles from Turning Yellow? Simple Tips

It is not always easy and quick to clean our white soles after they turn yellow. So, the best way to save time and effort is to try not to let it turn dark in the first place. With some simple tips, you can easily maintain your soles’ white color for a longer time. 

Here is what you can do!

Clean the Soles Frequently

Normally, we do not wash our shoes too often after wearing them for a few hours, like the way we do with our clothes. But to keep the soles from turning yellow, you should wash them frequently. 

The good news here is that you do not have to wash the whole shoes in order to clean the soles. You can use a wet cloth to clean all the dirt off your white shoes after going home. This simple cleaning process will only take you around two or three minutes, but your soles will always be clean and white.

Whiten Your Soles Every Time You Wash Your Shoes

When our shoes are dirty, we normally wash the insole and all other parts of the shoes carefully, except the soles. This is because the soles are on the bottom of our shoes, so it is less visible. 

However, as we know, the soles are pretty hard to clean off or whiten than other parts of the shoes. It will be better to clean off the soles and bleach them just as carefully as other parts. 

Avoid Wearing Shoes with White Soles in Dirty or Muddy Surfaces

If you have many pairs of shoes with multiple colors to wear in the rainy season or walk in the dirty or muddy areas, white shoes or shoes with white soles should be your last choices. 

No matter how great your white shoes look, if they have too much dirt on, it will look less appealing and hard to be washed after. On the other hand, darker shoes look much finer when they have mud and stains on compared to white shoes. 

With the simple tip of choosing the right shoes with the right color in certain situations or weather conditions, you will spend less time washing your shoes and even feel more confident while wearing them. 

Clean Off the Dirt Immediately

When you have dirt, mud, or other stains on the soles, make sure you clean it off immediately. The longer you leave the dirt there, the harder it is to wash it later on. 


White soles can be the perfect fit for shoes with white or some other colors. However, when they get dirty and turn yellow, the yellow stains will be seen so easily, and it makes your shoes look so unfashionable. 

With simple guides and tips in this sharing blog, we hope you now know how to whiten yellow soles on shoes with baking soda – an affordable and useful kitchen ingredient. We hope the information was helpful to you!

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