How To Wash Dakimakura? Best Solution For You

Dakimakura might help you have a better sleep. Thus, having a clean and good quality Dakimakura is pretty important. As this body pillow is an item for everyday use, you should clean it frequently. Now the question here is how to wash dakimakura? In this writing, you can have all the information you need to have a clean and comfortable pillow!

How To Wash Dakimakura? – Before Cleaning Notes


As your pillow is usually made from soft materials, you should consider these notes before cleaning to avoid any damages to your pillow.

Determine Your Pillow Material

The first step before cleaning is to figure out the material your Dakimakura is made of. Normally, you can have Dakimakura made from feathers, foam, or latex. For a correct answer, you can tell from the labels on your Dakimakura what the material is.

Identify The Characteristics of Your Pillow

After knowing your Dakimakura materials, you can learn more information on the pillow’s characteristics, such as the limitation of temperature or cleaning ingredients restrictions. For some pillows with delicate fabrics, you should wash them by hand. 

Pick The Suitable Detergent

Next, you will need to read the packaging guidelines on requirements for detergent thoroughly. 

For example, some washing cleaners are suitable for hand washing, while others are designed for machine-washing only.

Choose The Right Cleaning Technique

With the above notes, you might have a decision on proper cleaning methods. However, based on the level of stains on your pillows, you can decide to use the one-spot-clean or total clean option.

In case your Dakimakura only has a tiny stain, you will not need to put it in the machine or hand wash it. Otherwise, you can clean that one spot with soap. By applying this light treatment, you can limit the damages to your pillows during the cleaning process. 

If your pillow has too many dirty places you need to clean, let’s read on to find out the most suitable cleaning methods.  

Wash Dakimakura Cover By Hand

Materials Need 

  • A tub
  • A light detergent
  • Water below 40C degrees

Steps to Clean

Step 1

To begin with, you need to remove the inner part from the cover of Dakimakura carefully. 

Step 2

Next, you fill the tub with cold water. It is best to have your tub cleaned before putting your Dakimakura cover. Also, you must want to use cold water to avoid the cover from fading. Then you will need to measure the amount of detergent required and blend it with cold water.

Step 3

Then you immerse the dakimakura in the foaming cleansing water. You can also gently scrub any stain with a toothbrush. After that, leave your dakimakura in the bathtub for about thirty minutes. 

Step 4 

After dumping the dirty water, you should thoroughly rinse the Dakimakura cover until the cleaning water is clear. 

Step 5

Hang your Dakimakura cover in a windy place and leave it to dry naturally.

Wash Dakimakura Inner By Washing Machine

Materials Need

washing machine

Light detergent

Water below 40C degrees

Steps to Clean

Step 1

You put the inner part in the machine. Determine enough detergent for cleaning, and place it in a suitable compartment. 

Step 2

Next, you need to set your machine to a delicate function with cold water. Press start, and leave the machine there to do the cleaning job!

Step 3

After cleaning, you take the inner part into the dryer with about two tennis balls covered in two clean white socks. This will help you fluff the pillow and reduce drying time. You can repeat this drying process until your pillows are dry.

Tips For Washing Dakimakura

Avoid Washing Dakimakura Frequently 

It is best to clean your Dakimakura every 4 or 6 months. Washing it too frequently might cause the color to fade.  

Avoid Animals

Pets are cute, indeed. But as they can harm your dakimakura with their claws, you should make sure they stay away from your pillows. 

Cut Your Nails

If you leave your nails too long without cutting them frequently, they might actually tear or scratch your pillow when you sleep. You do not want to wake up with an ugly and scratchy pillow, do you?

Never Leave Dakimakura On The Floor

Your floor is not 100% clean. In fact, the dust and dirt that are invisible to the naked eyes can easily contaminate your pillow. So avoid putting your Dakimakura on the floor if possible.

Flip The Dakimakura Inside Out before Cleaning 

You should flip the Dakimakura cover from the inside out so that you can keep the colors of the Dakimakura cover intact during the cleaning and drying processes. 

Sum Up

That is all you need to know about how to wash Dakimakura. With all the above steps and tips, are you ready to clean your lovely Dakimakura? A good pillow will always come with a good sleep, so remember to clean your Dakimakura frequently. Hope you have a good body pillow and enjoy a good sleep! Cheers! 

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