How To Stop Dust Coming Through Windows – Effective Prevention Methods

Have you ever faced a pollution problem caused by dust coming through the window? If your home is on the ground – floor next to the road or street, the situation can get worse over time if you do nothing about it. 

Your family’s health and yours will sooner or later encounter respiratory problems. This article by ChocolateaAndCraft will give you the best answer to the question  “how to stop dust coming through windows”, and provide some measures to restrict dust entering your house. 

How To Stop Dust Coming Through Windows?

Close The Window

Close the windows

There are some objective factors such as climate, temperature, geographical location, weather, etc. that you can’t control yourself. Especially the annoying wind that brings with it all the sand and dust into your house through the windows. Therefore, closing the window is the best choice to prevent dust from coming into your house.

Besides, opening the window too often is not a good idea when your home is located on the ground – floor next to the street. 

Clean The Windows Regularly 

Establish the habit of sweeping, wiping, and tidying up your window daily if you do not want to see tons of accumulating dust on it.

The daily cleaning will not only help enhance your home’s air quality by reducing the amount of dust accumulated on the windows, but also prevent you from accidentally breathing in the dust, one of the main causes leading to respiratory-related problems.

Change The Bedding Often

Change bedding often

Normally you can not see microscopic specks of dust in your bedding as they are separated and flew higgledy-piggledy together in the air. Only by changing your bedding regularly can you remove dust away from your bed and keep your private space neat and tidy.

Even if you’re a busy bee,  make time to change the bedding and clean up the surrounding at least once a week to ensure hygiene, and most importantly, a good and comfortable sleep.

Vacuum or Wipe Floor At Least Once A Week 

A vacuum’s function is much more amazing and convenient if you know how to take full advantage of it. Do the vacuuming and wiping the floor at least once a week to lessen dust entering your home.

Besides, a spotless and shiny home is also a deciding factor contributing to the relaxing and comfortable feeling whenever you come home from a stressful working day.

Add A Window Screen Filter

To limit dust coming into your house, you can install a filter screen on your window to capture all the dust and dirt. But you still need to clean the window and its screen filters often to ensure their efficiency.

Minimize The Use of Carpet 

Carpets not only work as a beautiful decoration, but they also make your home warmer and cozier in winter. However, you should take them out and minimize carpets’ use during the summertime since they are considered a favorable environment for dust and dirt to stick on.

If you still want to keep your carpet inside the home, vacuuming and cleaning it twice a week is a must to prevent dust, smell, and bacteria from developing and spreading. Or you can store the carpet away when it is no longer needed during the summer months.

Rub Off Doormat Before Go in

Besides, a doormat is an effective accessory as it will help reduce the amount of dust you bring into your home by rubbing it off at the doormat.

Set Up An Air Purifier 

An air purifier is considered a worthy investment for purifying the air and thus, ensuring your family’s health. 

This useful device works to filter and circulate the air within your living space. When shopping for an air purifier, you should pay attention to its function and brand’s reputability. Although price is an important factor, your health is not worth the risk from buying and using some cheaply-made products.

Set up an air purifier

Some people often wonder where is the best place to install an air purifier?

Ask yourself this question: Where can you find the most dirt and dust? And here is the answer: windows, doors, bed rooms, living rooms, kitchen, etc. Every nook and cranny in your house can be invaded with dust if ignored and not cleaned from time to time.

Thus, place an air purifier in the most dust-accumulated area in the house to improve the place’s air quality.

Is It Okay to Open The Windows Often?

Let’s think about the windows as a physical “wall” that protects and separates you from the polluted air outside. So, when you break that “wall”, you are exposed to dirty air, odors, noises, etc. from the outside. To stop dust coming through the windows, say no to opening it too often. 

In case you want to get more air or light into your room, it’s advisable to turn on the air purifier and artificial lights inside instead of breathing in the dust.

Sometimes you may feel suffocated or constrained when the windows are closed all the time. In that case, you can open windows at certain times of the day when the air is the cleanest, for example, in the morning or evening, to let the air circulate. 

How To Plant The Trees To Restrict Dust Coming In?

Planting trees around your house is a brilliant idea to restrict the outside dust and noise. The tree with condensed leaves will create a green barrier to prevent dust from entering your house, not to mention its aesthetic value in giving your living space a relaxing and comforting feeling.

Besides planting trees, you can prepare some flower pots and hang them on the wall next to the window.

In Conclusion

To protect your living space against the attack of dust coming through windows, you should establish the habit of cleaning and tidying daily. Besides, the investment in air purifiers plays an important role in enhancing your family’s health.

So after reading it all, can you answer the question “how to stop dust coming through windows?”. Hope ChocolateaAndCraft‘s suggestions and guidance are helpful for you, and wish you success in applying them!

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