How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning

Bleach is great for cleaning stains. However, its smell persists and poses a potential danger to your sense of smell. So, how to get rid of bleach smell after cleaning?

There are various solutions to help you out of the situation. And with today’s article, ChocolateaAndCraft would like to offer you several smart choices to eliminate the smell. No matter if the bleach smell in your clothes, in your room, or on your hands, it can be removed within a short period of time. 

Bleach emits an irritating smell

Is The Bleach Smell Bad For Health?

Actually, the bleach smell is not harmful by itself. However, when we breathe it in, it can seriously affect our respiratory system. As a result, we can later experience coughing, vomit, lung irritation, headaches, and many others. 

Not yet, it can also cause you to sense a burning feeling in your throat, eyes, or noses. The more frequently you contact this toxic fume, the more highly likely you will be diagnosed with many of its dangerous side effects. So, do not forget to get rid of the smell within your areas quickly.

How Long Does The Bleach Smell Last?

Have you ever wondered how long the bleach odor lasts? Let’s find out! 

When you directly apply the bleach onto the item surface, it will take you 10 to 60 minutes so that the agent becomes effective. During the whole process, the bleach in liquid form can easily transform and turn into a type of potentially hazardous fume.

The irritating smell will stay within a couple of days if you do not take any methods to get rid of it. Keep scrolling down and discover what they are!

On Your Hands: How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning? 

The annoying bleach smell can stick to your hands for days after you finish the washing job. In order to eliminate that smell, you can have a look at these three methods below. They are all economical, easy to carry out, and immediately effective.

Wash Hands With Dish Soap

This time, dish soap will save your day! First of all, it is not only used for cleaning other stains and dirt on your plates but also applicable to your hands to get rid of the bleach smell. Of course, dish soap is not as mild as other types of soap applied to the human body.

Wash hands with dish soap

But you can consider it as one of the quickest and most effective bleach smell fighters. Remember to clean your hands thoroughly, between fingers and underneath the snails until there is no smell left. 

Use Lemon Juice 

To get rid of the bleach smell after cleaning, some pieces of lemon may help you out! Start by cutting a lemon into two or four smaller pieces. After that, squeeze one on your left hand, and then your right hand. Also, remember to rub your fingers, palms, nails carefully.

If you are afraid that dish soap can be a little bit harmful for your skin, then try this more friendly and natural method! Just rub your hands with lemon juice. Good luck!

Apply Hand Lotion

Using lotion may sound quite strange to some of you. Occasionally, it is used for moisturizing and smoothing and even perfuming your skin. So, you can use it to cover the bleach smell on your hands.

Use hand lotion

Before taking advantage of this method, do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly. With hand lotion, not only can you hydrate your skin, but also you can make it fragrant. Such a great way to try, isn’t it?

In Your Room: How To Get Rid Of Bleach Smell After Cleaning? 

You may all know that the bleach smell is irritating as it remains in your rooms for a few days since your cleaning job. So, how to get it out of your lovely room? Let’s read more to explore!

Increase Ventilation In The Room

The very first method we suggest here is to make your place wide-open and create a good air circulation inside. In order to achieve it, you can simply open the door or window! Easy, right? But what should you do if it is pretty much frozen outside?

A fan can solve your problem

Alright, let’s try another way to enhance the ventilation of your room. Try using a fan or air filter. Both are okay to create air flows and decrease the remaining bleach smell. With this method, the toxic fume will dissipate in a short period of time.

Apply A Nice-smelling Cleanser

If you need a magic option to decrease the bleach’s annoying smell immediately, consider another type of cleanser that features your favorite scent. Although it can mask the bleach smell, it, on the other hand, cannot get rid of the bleach fume entirely. 

Overall, this option is considerable if you just stay in the room for a short time and can not suffer the irritating smell. 

Use Room Deodorisers, Scented Candles

What if your guests are coming and you do want a comfortable place for all? Right! Scented candles or room deodorizers can immediately make your wish come true!

With the use of these products, the bleach smell can be got rid of right away. Also, it can create a very lovely and relaxing atmosphere for you and your beloved. However, remember to have an eye on candles as they can potentially lead to a fire! 

In Your Clothes: How To Get Rid Of The Bleach Smell After Cleaning?

The bleach smell does not only stick to your hands and stays in the laundry room for days, but it also stays in your clothes! No need to develop a hatred for bleach after washing clothes because of its smell. Just grasp some piece of knowledge about how to get rid of the smell in your clothes. If you haven’t known some, it is time to discover the three ways below!

Take Advantage Of Baking Soda

The first method is to utilize baking soda. It is cheap, commonly available, and very easy to use. Baking soda is widely used in cooking, cleaning, and many other fields.

To get rid of the annoying smell of bleach, you can just pour ¼ cup of baking soda into your washing machine and let it treat your clothes well. After a while, here you are with your clothes deodorized effectively!

Utilize Vinegar

Welcome to another fighter in the field of combating the bleach smell! And it’s vinegar! Sounds very familiar, right? The method of utilizing vinegar is great. However, you need to suffer the pungent smell of it at the very first moment.

Simply pour ¼ cup of vinegar into the washing machine, together with the detergent. The combination of laundry detergent and vinegar will help you clean your clothes and remove the bleach smell completely!

Air-Dry Method

It is time to see what the last method to remove the bleach smell is! We are glad to introduce to you another excellent way to make washing clothes easier and more comfortable. It’s air-dry!

When hanging your clothes on hangers and letting them dry under the sunlight, clothes will take you less time to dry. In addition, they are free from winkle and the bleach odor as well. Just like the method of increasing ventilation in your room, this method of taking advantage of air-dry can work well on your clothing.  


If you used to ask how to get rid of bleach smell after cleaning, we – ChocolateaAndCraft hope now you can answer it yourself. That is so easy, right? The laundry job is difficult to handle if we do not equip ourselves with tips and strategies. On the other hand, it can be fun and interesting as it is time for you to show your magics. 

Within a blink of an eye, the bleach odor will disappear from your clothes, your hands, and your room. We hope you can feel an ease, dealing with the annoying smell from bleach and other detergents with our recommended methods. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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