How To Get Oil Out Of Sheets (Baby Oil & Massage Oil Stains)

Probably many homemakers wonder how to get oil out of sheets (baby oil & massage oil stains). While these are all stubborn stains, it doesn’t mean we have no cure. This article from ChocolateaAndCraft will guide you on how to remove massage oil and baby oil from your bedsheets.

How To Get Oil Out Of Sheets?


Don’t you know that there are two types of stubborn oils that can make your sheets look less luxurious and less aesthetically pleasing? Their names are baby oil and massage oil. However, using the following methods, you will no longer worry about these oils harming your sheets.

Clean Massage Oil From Sheets 

Massage oils are not too tough to wash off; here are some steps you should follow to remove all this oil from your bed sheets.


  • Fabric mild detergent 
  • Dry-washing machine
  • Clean water

How to Clean:

▪️ Soaking The Sheets

Massage oil can easily be blown away if you dip the sheets in clean water as soon as they get oiled. Note: it is better to dot or spray a little more stain removal on the sheets to avoid color fading.

▪️ Laundry The Sheets by Detergent

Next, it’s time for your sheets to be dry-cleaned. If your washing machine does not have a dry-cleaning mode, you should add a little mild detergent to wash them thoroughly. It’s worth noting that bleach is not recommended as it is too strong and may lead to discoloration.

▪️ Dry The Sheets

After washing the sheets, the last step is to dry them in a cool place away from direct sunlight, especially with colored and patterned sheets.

Clean Baby Oil From Sheets

Unlike massage oil, baby oil is more stubborn and adheres quite firmly on the fabric surface. So, you need a little more time to remove the baby oil stains from your lovely sheets. The following steps will reveal the best solution!


  • Clean water
  • An old brush
  • Dry-washing machine
  • Fabric mild detergent

How To Clean:

▪️ Soak The Sheets in Water

Same as cleaning massage oil, you need to soak bed sheets stained baby oil in clean water for about 30-45 minutes before washing. This step will help thin the oil stain and make it easier to remove. Don’t forget to apply a little dish soap to the dirt to dilute the texture of baby oil on the sheets.

▪️ Scrub The Stain By a Toothbrush

After soaking the sheets in clean water and dish soap for a while, you should rub the sheets with an old brush until you see the oil stains fade.

▪️ Place The Sheets in Water

When the process of rubbing the oil stain is done, put the sheets in a tub of clean water and pat them thoroughly, especially the stained part. You can repeat the brushing step above if the stains are not completely faded.

▪️ Laundry The Sheets by Detergent

The next step is putting the sheets in the machine and turning on the dry cleaning mode. In case your washing machine does not have this mode, pour in a little mild detergent to completely remove the oil stains.

▪️ Dry The Sheets

Take the sheets out to dry in a cool place; remember to keep them away from direct sunlight.

Keep In Mind These Notes When Cleaning Bed Sheets

Sheets are usually made of different materials

Sheets are usually made of different materials, and each will have their characteristics that require you to wash correctly to avoid damaging the sheets.

The Sheets Made of Silk Or Fur

These are expensive ones, with the advantage of being very soft and capable of keeping warm. However, because of their high-end, these types of sheets require users to save and wash them properly. Keep in mind that just being careless one time, you can destroy expensive bed sets immediately.

To keep the silk or fur sheets always clean, you should shake off the dust on them every morning, then hang them in a cool, dry place, or put them under the sun for 2 hours.

When washing bed sheets, you should apply hand wash, do not use dry wash mode.

Sheets Made of Microfiber

This type of bed sheet has a high heat retention capacity and is also well water-absorbent; therefore, you need to wash it properly to remove all detergent or stain after washing.

Microfiber sheets should only be washed with lukewarm water at a temperature of 30-45 degrees; too hot water can lead to sheet deformation.

After the washing step, you can hang your sheets in a sunny, not too dry place.

Use a soap solution or warm water-soluble detergent to wash the ruffled areas on the sheets.

Bed Sheets Made of Cotton, Polyester, And Tencel

If you own these types of bed sheets, you must avoid using synthetic detergents because they often contain a lot of strong bleach chemicals, whiteners, which can stick on the surface of the rear sheets even after washing and harm your family health.

When washing bed sheets made of Tencel or cotton, you should turn upside down bed sheets, or soak them in a laundry bag to prevent the sheets from being damaged. After the washing process, dry your sheets in a cool, windy place, do not expose them to direct sunlight as this may discolor the bedsheets.

For polyester sheets, you should dry them at low to medium temperatures, avoiding hot sheets drying because it can easily wrinkle and create permanent creases on the fabric surface.


Why is Baby Oil So Tricky to Clean?

Baby oil is a mineral oil derived from petroleum – a thick and incredibly hard crude. So, if you spill baby oil into bedsheets, you need to clean it as soon as possible unless you want these stubborn stains to stay stuck on your sheets and can never be washed.

Dishwashing liquid is a solution that can effectively remove baby oil. The reason is that its ingredients can repel stains by thinning the oil baby’s texture.

However, if you only use water to clean the bedsheets from baby oil stains, it will be less effective. The reason is that water and oil have different densities, so they won’t mix to create a mixture that can remove stains.

For that reason, it is often added to dish soap to increase the density of water, contributing to a mixture that can dislodge oil stains more easily.

Can Massage Oil Ruin Your Favourite Bedding?

The bad news is yes; massage oil can make your sheets dull as it destroys the fabric texture of your sheets. However, if you can clean the sheets as soon as they are oiled, you can avoid the risk of damaging your sheets.

There are some ways to avoid massage oil and baby oil from leaking into your favorite bed sheets:

  • Use a plastic pad to cover the sheet before you use massage oil or baby oil. You may prefer to use lighter oils, such as coconut oil. Coconut oil has a light texture, so it will be more comfortable to wash and clean than the rest of the oil if it spills onto your sheet.
  • Change into old and worn out bed sheets whenever you need to use massage oil or baby oil. Thanks to this, you won’t have to worry about your favorite station getting dirty.

Does The Market Sell Stain Resistant Bed Sheets?

In addition to the solutions I just mentioned, you can prevent baby oil or massage oil stains from seeping into your favorite bedsheets by opting for high-density fabric. The reason is that the high fiber density makes it difficult for oil molecules to penetrate the fabric, causing unpleasant stains and loss of aesthetics.

Cotton or linen are the two chosen ones that many people love when choosing bed sheets materials. However, these have very low fiber density, and they are easy to get dirty.

Instead of buying linen or cotton sheets, you can consult the sellers’ advice on choosing ones that are effective against waterproofing.

How Often Should Bed Sheets Be Washed?

The best way to keep your sheets from getting dirty is to wash them regularly. However, how often should we wash the sheets?

According to the Good Housekeeping academy, bed sheets should be washed every two weeks. However, you can also wash them more often (about once a week) if you sweat too much on your lovely bed cover, especially in the summer, or when they are too dirty.


Refer to these steps above how to get oil out of sheets (baby oil & massage oil stains) on your bedsheets if you do not know the method. Is it easy? You only need to follow the steps as listed, making sure your sleeping space will become fresher and healthier. 

Hopefully, after this article, you will no longer surrender every time you accidentally spill these stubborn stains on your sheets.

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