How to Dispose Shredded Paper: Eight Best Ways

Shredding paper is a necessary job to do when it comes to protecting our personal or business information. However, it might be inconvenient if you do not know how to dispose shredded paper most securely and beneficially. 


With this blog’s information, you will find out the eight best ways to dispose of your pieced paper while actually getting benefit from it. 

Let’s see what we can do!

Before You Dispose Your Shredded Paper – Security Concerns

As you may already know, there are many different types of paper shredding machines in the market. Some of them can cut your documents and cards into really small pieces, while the other machines are made to cut paper into bigger pieces that.

Most of the time, normal-standard and home paper shredding machines cannot cut the paper small enough, so other people can put them together and read the information from there. For this reason, you need to be careful before choosing a disposing method. 

To make sure your personal and business information will not get read by others, you should mix so many documents and put them in different places. Moreover, some of the disposing techniques we are going to show you will be safe for your information. Let’s see what these methods are!

How to Dispose Shredded Paper – Eight Best Ways

Before disposing of your shredded paper, you will have to separate the plastic (from cards or other objects) and the paper. With the plastic, you can recycle it or put them in the right bin, and with the paper, we can follow these methods:


Recycling paper is the best method you can do for the environment. However, shredded paper is a little difficult to recycle. In the recycling process, people will introduce chemicals and water to break down your paper waste into paper fiber, remove the ink, then put the paper fiber together to form new pieces of paper. 

This process cannot make the recycled paper reach its original standard, but it will produce lower quality paper that can be used for other things. Luckily, shredded paper can be recycled in this way. 

As we already mentioned above, there might be a risk of personal information leaking if you are not careful enough. Suppose the paper you shredded contains super information, and the cut pieces are not small enough. In that case, we recommend choosing more suitable methods: composing, feeding plans, and more methods that we will mention later on in this blog. 


Composing organic trash is one of the best gifts you can do to Mother Earth, the environment, and your garden if you cannot recycle it. Besides vegetables and fruit peels, you can add shredded paper to your composing box as the paper was originally made from trees and contains a good carbon level. 

The carbon in your paper will balance the level of nitrogen and carbon on the composing place and make the process run smoother. However, it would help if you also considered a few things to get the best composing results. 

First, do not put paper with too much ink or gloss in because it might badly affect your pile’s quality. The other thing you should ensure is mixing the paper with other organic trash in a secure way that no one will find and put them together. 


Shredded paper will help a lot with packaging. If you want to give a pair of shoes to a friend, the paper will make the present box look much more interesting. This technique will work its magic if another person does not mind deposing the paper afterward. 


You can use the shredded paper from them to make different types of stuff for less important documents. Some kids will love to make their teddy bears or other toys from these papers, and even we adults can be creative in special cases (such as Halloween) simply with these small paper pieces.

Feeding Plants

If you or a trusted family member has a garden, then feeding plants with your paper trash will be both secure and beneficial. When it comes to security, you will not have to worry so much because after you bury the paper in the garden for the trees, the paper will get wet, mixed with the soil, and dissolved easily in a short time. 

If you want, you can mix the paper with water, make the ink in the paper unreadable, and then bury it later. Now, even if someone finds your documents, they won’t be able to read them. With this little trick, the paper will dissolve faster, and your plants can benefit from it in no time. 

On the other hand, paper is also made from trees, so it has the nutrients your plants will need to grow. Feeding your plant paper waste will help the plant grow so much better, and you can save some money on buying mulch for them as paper will be a good source of mulch.

Using as Fire Starter

In case you still need a fire starter, then the shredded paper will be a useful resource. This technique will ensure no one can steal your information. Moreover, you can save some extra cash on buying fire starters. 

Pet Bedding

If you have a pet, then you can use the paper waste for pet bedding. Dogs and cats love to lay on thick layers of cut paper because it gives them a sense of coziness. Sometimes, they also love to play with the paper. 

After using the paper for pet bedding and it gets dirty, you can feed it to plants, compose it, or choose any of the other techniques in the list. 

Spreading in Many Trash Bin

Let’s say you do not have time for composing and do not have a garden or bed; you can simply throw the paper away in a safe way and let others decide what to do with it later. In this case, security is the first thing you have to take care of because, unlike other techniques, throwing your cut documents in trash bins will not naturally make the paper get rotten or disappear. 

Our advice is to mix many types of documents, so even when people collect them, they will not know what pieces of paper to put together. The next thing you need to do is spread the trash in many different trash bins. If you are more careful, you can separate the shredded documents, mix them, and throw them on other days.

Last Opinion

For both companies and individuals, personal and secret documents are extremely sensitive and important. Therefore, even after we already shred the documents with a paper shredding machine, we need to ensure no one can collect them and steal the information after we dispose of it. 

With the eight common and easy techniques shown in this blog, we are confident that you already know how to dispose shredded paper in the most secure and beneficial ways. You can take the advantages of these small cut paper pieces to enrich your land, grow your trees, make mulch, gift, and so much more.

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