How To Clean Velour Couch: Step-by-step Guide Without Damages

Undoubtedly, the velour (or velvet) couch brings our places a luxurious beauty. As hair and dirt can be stuck in every corner, it always needs some extra care, though.

The reason is that dirt, dust, and hair clinging on the couch may lead to a stiff and dull appearance over time. To prevent the bad result from coming true, we give you a quick guide on how to clean velour couch. If you follow the procedure step-by-step properly, your couch will be like-new for years. Let’s get started!


Important Notes Before Cleaning

Velour is considered a sensitive fabric. Thus, before taking steps of cleaning, you should learn about some important notes first. 

Choose Right Detergents

As for the detergents, we highly recommend you choose the liquid soaps (to dissolve it with water quickly) with gentle ingredients. Besides, make sure that it does not contain extra coloration as it can stain or ruin the fabric if you do not clean it carefully.  

Not Use Heat

Simultaneously, high temperatures can damage the velvet material. 

There is no problem when you mix the soap with warm water for easier cleaning. However, everything seems to be different from the case of hot water, which leads to discoloration. Also, the use of steam cleaners is not a good idea. 

Use Clean Tools

Honestly, things can soak through the velour upholstery quickly. Hence, it is likely for dirt from brush, soak, muslin fabric to stain the couch. That’s why you must check these materials carefully before getting started. 

How To Clean Velour Couch 

Now, it is time to make your velour couch clean. 


What you need to prepare includes a soft brush, a suede brush, vacuum cleaner, muslin fabric, warm and room-temperature water, bucket, and soap.


There are ten steps in total. We suggest you do all of them in the right order from 1 to 10 for the best result. 

Step 1

Let’s use a soft brush to remove as much visible dirt on the couch as possible. Please keep in mind that it should be soft enough as the hard one can easily scratch or tear the fabric. 

You need to scrape it on the surface of the couch and knock gently to get rid of all dirt and dust hiding in the fabric. It is better to repeat the step 1-2 times. 

Step 2

This action is to vacuum the remaining dirt, which is invisible after the first step. Of course, it often takes no more than 10 minutes to complete. In this way, you can prevent surface contaminants from working on their way into your velour couch. 

Because of the small cleaning surface, a hand vacuum is effective enough. After turning on the vacuum cleaner, you move the device into a vertical or horizontal strip on the couch surface. 

Step 3

Up next, you need to prepare a bucket of warm water. Remember that there is no need to use hot water.

Step 4

At the same time, let’s add some liquid soap into the water bowl and mix them gently. Don’t stir the water too hard because it will create suds that cannot perform well in cleaning your couch. 

Step 5

What you have to do next is to use a piece of cloth and dip it in the water. The muslin fabric will be the best choice since its gentle texture will not damage the velour couch’s soft fibers. You had better wring the cloth out carefully till it gets damp. 

Step 6

After that, it’s time for you to rub the cloth back and forth over the couch to remove all of the stains. If you find some hard stains, don’t hesitate to repeat the step. 

When the water gets soiled, it is necessary to change to a new bucket of water and soap. As we have noted above, the dirty cleaning materials may stain the couch. 

Step 7

When you are in this step, there is no stain left on the couch. Hence, we recommend you to use the clean damp cloth to wipe over the velour couch the last time. 

Step 8

Once the couch is entirely clean, you allow the upholstery to air dry for about 1 hour. We suggest you open the windows or use a fan for a more effective procedure with better ventilation.

Step 9

After cleaning, the velour surface may look quite stiff. In this case, the solution is to use a suede brush to break the velour fibers slightly. And then, the couch comes back with a like-new look. 

Step 10

If the brand does not warn about fabric protectors, you can spray a thin layer of this product onto the couch surface. Getting the waterproof protector will help to protect the couch from damaging due to liquid spills in the future.


Above is everything about how to clean velour couch we love to share. In case you still find it hard to do yourself, asking for professional home service is always the best solution. Make sure that you never damage your lovely velour couch by improper cleaning. It is such a crazy story, honestly. 

Lastly, thanks for reading!

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