Step-by-step Guide On How To Clean Up Gorilla Glue

Among numbers of glue brands in the market, gorilla glue has always received much trust and love from customers for its stickiness and versatility. With the high efficiency in attaching objects, gorilla glue can work on most materials, from plastic, metal to wood, and fabric. 

Given that fact, gorilla glue is extremely sticky. Suppose that you accidentally spilled the glue on some objects, or worse, on your skin; how could you react then? 

In this post, let’s learn about gorilla glue’s features and how to clean up gorilla glue to have the best resolution in case you spill the glue in vain.

How to Clean Up Gorilla Glue 

Clean It on Your Skin

Glue is quite intoxicated if spilled on a human’s skin. To produce such sticky products, manufacturers have combined many chemical substances to increase the internal chemical bonds. The more bonds it creates, the more adhesive the glue is. And these substances used during that process are all harmful to the body. 

In addition, one advantageous gorilla glue’s feature is that it is quickly-dried. So, if you leave the glue outside the environment, it can dry after a few seconds and stick hardly on that surface. It is then so much harder to remove the glue when being dried than when it is still wet.

Thus, if the glue is stuck on your skin, try to remove it as fast as possible. There are many different guidances, but, in short, there are just three main stages: wash it with water, dissolve with remover liquid, and exfoliate with good skincare products. 

Let’s dig more into details of each step above: 

Sopping Up The Glued Area with Fresh Water

Immediately after getting glued, find a wet towel, wet tissue, or run to the stink to wash off the glue as much as possible. Do you know that the longer you wait, the stickier the glue is? Hence, while it is still not too attached to your skin, try to put it off. If fortunate, you can even pull off all the glue and don’t need to do any further steps. 

Additionally, there is a more effective cleaning method, but it is just applicable if you have soap. Combine a tablespoon of dishwashing soap with 2 cups of warm water. 

Then, soak your glued skin into that mixture and wait for about 5 minutes. Next, pour out the combination, repeat mixing soap and water, then dip your glued skin one more time. This technique works well on losing the glue away from your fragile skin.

Dissolving Glue from Skin

Now, we have to take stronger moves to discard the stubborn gorilla glue from you. So, we have three ingredients needed: lemon, nail polish remover, and salt.

The first stage is to squeeze lemon (or any citrus juice) into that glued skin area. Put a few drops directly into the glue, place the lemon onto your skin, and circle it around the glued area. 

Try to keep the lemon juice on that skin for at least 5 minutes so that the lemon’s acid can cut off all chemical bonds in gorilla glue and pull it off. The more acidic the lemon is, the faster it can eat out the glue. 

However, please be cautious in the step because the acidic juice extracted from lemon can cause irritating, or more seriously, hurt if absorbed in open-mouth wounds. If the glue has already fallen off, please skip the next step.

In case the annoying glue is still stuck on your skin, you should use nail polish remover to pull it off. The procedure is simple: Dip a small cotton swab into polish remover, then place it on your glued skin. Repetitively, wash off the glue by soaking the cotton swab with nail polish remover and rubbing on your skin. After 6 to 10 minutes, wash your glued area under fresh tap water to remove all nail polish remover from your skin because the remover is alcohol-based, and alcohol is not “skin-friendly.”

Now that the glue is quite eaten away from your skin, take the last step to ensure all toxic glue is removed by using salt. Salt is widely used in the beauty community because it can exfoliate the “old” layer of skin and boost the new skin layer’s development, so it is safe to rub your skin with salt. 

Here is how you can apply it to your glued skin: In a small bowl, mix sugar and salt with just a few water drops. Then, stir the mixture and put it onto the glued skin area. Rub the sugar-salt combination with your fingers to remove all glue residue remaining. 

After that, wipe off the mix, and you can see your skin is totally clean now! The secret behind that technique is that sugar and salt not only remove the glue away but also remove your old, dead skin cells, so your skin is “renewed.”

Reviving Your Skin with Proper Skincare Products

Following the tips above, your skin must be so red and fragile right now, so let’s take some skincare steps. We know that some people still think that skincare is not an essential process, but it’s not applicable in this case. 

Your skin is so damaged that it can have many red dots and wounds now, and we believe that none wants to go around with such “ugly” skin like that. So, please take a few minutes to revive your skin by using moisturizer. 

To be specific, glue creates a “barrier” that prevents moisture from reaching your skin. Hence, please counteract the gorilla glue’s chemical bonds by rubbing a small amount of body lotion or moisturizer on the glued skin area. The skin needs time to revive, so try to keep using skincare products daily to have better skin.

Remove It from Objects 


Just like other materials, getting gorilla glue stuck on metal objects causes a lot of effort to remove. Besides, if you don’t rub gently enough, scratch remains on metal objects, which is so annoying. 

Here is how you should react when the glue is stuck. Firstly, quickly use wet tissue or a damp towel to wipe away the glue as much as possible. You can also wash the object under tap water either, but please remember to pull out the electric shock (if had). 

Unlike your skin, the metal object isn’t capable of any alcohol or acetone-based liquid to remove the residue. Hence, we advise to flake off the gorilla glue by using a chisel. However, please be carefully rubbing because the chisel can cause scratch. In case the glue residue remains, use a fine-grit sandpaper to remove stains instead.

If your object can endure 215 Fahrenheit degrees (101 Celsius degree), you can also use the heat gun to remove the glue. The procedure is simple: heat the machine, place the gun at the glued area and wait for the glue to meltdown. Then, use a chisel or sandpaper to rub off the stains.


Glass is a shivery material that demands light touch in any case. Thus, if the glue spilled onto glass, the best thing you could do is to remove the residue with chemicals. It would help if you did not wipe it off with a wet towel or tissue, nor wash under water because rubbing the glass can break it.

Given that fact, please soak the glass into acetone or alcohol-based liquid so that the glue can be eaten away. You can check whether the adhesive is removed or not after 5 minutes with your fingernail.

After removing all glue from the glass, use a delicate piece of tissue or fabric to wipe out all stains remaining. Finally, please wash the glass carefully but gently under fresh water so that all chemicals can be washed away.


While working, the gorilla glue can be accidentally spilled on your clothes, which is so annoying. Not like other cases on the list, while you can just throw away the object if not able to remove the glue, it’s so uncomfortable if you have to get rid of your (maybe favorite) clothes. So, let me guide you on how to clear up gorilla glue off your clothing.

Differentiate from other cases, it’s advisable to let the glue dry on your clothes because the more you wipe, the bigger the glued area is. So, wait for the glue dried. Consequently, lay down the clothing on a surface, drop the citrusy juice or acetone onto the glued area. Just remember, the more acidic it is, the better. Then, let the glue sit out for 15 minutes or until it seems fully removed.

The next step is to wash the clothing by hand. Please use the delicate laundry soap because the material is quite fragile then. You can also have a brush to rub the residue lightly. The final part is to rinse it with cold water and dry it in a sunny place.

Wrapping It Up 

Through this post, we have gained more information on how to clean up gorilla glue properly. Gorilla glue is always famous for its stickiness and resistance, making it a great option for attaching things. Still, that firm texture also causes lots of trouble if the glue is accidentally stuck on things or human skin. 

We hope all tips and techniques given above are helpful in your effort to remove all annoying stuck gorilla glue you had. We try to write it as simple and compact as possible so that everyone can follow these guides. 

Thank you for reading, and enjoy your work!

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