Handy Hacks: How To Clean Non-Removable Insoles?

Typically, when we are cleaning shoes, we often forget about the insoles. However, it is important to clean this part to prevent bacteria from building a home inside the shoes, creating a foul smell. 

Insole-cleaning is easier said than done, especially when you are dealing with non-removable insoles. But, do not let that discourage you! We’ll show you a few methods with clear steps on how to clean non-removable insoles below! 


How To Clean Non-Removable Insoles? – 5 Easy Ways

Steaming Method 

If you own a hand-held steamer, this method will be a good option for you to quickly and easily clean non-removable insoles. However, be sure to double-check if your shoes’ material is compatible with steaming before carrying out this method. 

  • Step 1: Remove your shoelaces to make space for the steamer 
  • Step 2: Turn on the steamer and run it through your insoles 
  • Step 3: Leave the shoes to air dry before putting them on again 

Dryer Sheets Method 

For this method, you will need some dryer sheets. These should be available at your local supermarkets, or you can also consider purchasing them from online platforms. 

  • Step 1: Place dryer sheets into your shoes above the insoles 
  • Step 2: Let them do the magic overnight
  • Step 3: Wake up to find cleaned and fresh insoles

Baking Soda Method 

Baking soda helps neutralize odor and kill bacteria. Hence, it is a great product to clean non-renewable insoles. 

  • Step 1: Sprinkle a few dashes of baking soda onto your insoles 
  • Step 2: Leave the baking soda to settle in your shoes overnight
  • Step 3: Dust the baking soda off the next morning before wearing 

Charcoal Method 

Another decent option for cleaning non-renewable insoles involves charcoal. Charcoal can absorb moisture, odor and keep your insoles fresh! 

  • Step 1: Fill a pair of socks with charcoal
  • Step 2: Position the socks in your shoes and above your insoles
  • Step 3: Leave your shoes overnight for the charcoal to settle
  • Step 4: Boast about your fresh-smelling shoes the next day

Cat Litter Method 

This method might throw you off because of its name. However, it is just as effective as the other ways of cleaning non-removable insoles mentioned in this guide. 

You can find cat litter at an affordable price from pet stores or supermarkets. If you prefer hassle-free shopping, then you can also choose to order them online. The process of cleaning non-removable insoles using cat litter is similar to the charcoal method. 

  • Step 1: Fill a pair of socks with cat litter
  • Step 2: Place the socks above your insoles
  • Step 3: Leave your shoes with cat litter overnight
  • Step 4: Remove the socks and enjoy new, fresh shoes 


Now you know five different ways of how to clean non-removable insoles. Be sure to attend to your shoes at least two times every month! If you have any other hacks on handling non-removable insoles, do share with us in the comment section below!

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