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A Full Guide on How To Change Spin Mop Head

Sometimes, it’s exhausting to spend all the free time that you have left after a hard-working day to clean up your house. You, therefore, need every tool you can get in cleaning it in a fast and efficient way.

The spinning mop is the combination of a spin mop head and a bucket allowing you to clean your home effortlessly and ensuring that you don’t make a mess while cleaning. After all, it’s no use to clean if all the dirty water ends up on the floor while being wrung out of your mop.

Today, ChocolateAndCraft’ll share you a step-by-step guide on how to change the spinning mop head as well as all you must know about this fantastic tool.

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What Are Benefits Of the Spin Mop System?

Prevent Splashes

The conventional mop and bucket system comes with a fantastic splash guard preventing water from falling on the floor while users are trying to wring the mop to have an arid floor.

But that isn’t what happens with the spin mop and bucket system. It’s all about water spillage prevention when using this system. The design of the mop fits perfectly into the bucket so that when you spin it, the water pours right back to the bucket.

Upright Position While Wringing the Mop

While using a conventional mop requires users to bend to be able to wring the mop properly and squint all the excess water out for flawless floor cleaning and drying after cleaning.

We know many having back problems which do not allow you to bend. If you find yourself in such a situation, a spinning mop system is what you need.

Thanks to the carpal tunnel syndrome, those having back problems and d individuals who suffer from hand arthritis will no longer bear the pain while doing chores anymore. You can now clean the house effortlessly without bending at all.

Absorb More Water

Another benefit of the spinning mop system making it pleasant to work with is fantastic to absorb water. It’s inevitable to have spillages all around your house once having children under ten years.

If you see yourself in that case, then the spin mop head is your all-in-one solution. It absorbs far much water than regular mops making cleaning drink or beverage spillages as easy as pie.

Reduce Energy Spent On Wringing

( Best Spin Mop on the Market: O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop)

Coming with a foot pedal, the spinning mop system helps to reduce the effort on your hands when you wring it dry. Most of the time, when using a regular mop, you’ll have to twist the mop head by your hands, but still, the excess water is there.

With the spinning mop system, all you have to do when cleaning is to dip the mop in the bucket once you feel great with the amount of water and cleaning you have done.

What is the Downside of Using Spinning Mops?

Low Durability

Yes, the spinning mop is not as heavy duty as other mops. Although the spinning mop is beneficial, it is not durable. This means that depending on the frequency of use and what you use the mop for, the durability of it will vary.

No Replace Parts Available In The Package

Though most spinning mop systems have a refill mop included in the package meaning you can replace the mop at no extra cost for the first time, you’ll have to buy other pieces to replace broken parts.

Complicated Set-up Process

You’ll need three separate pieces screwed together for the mop to be functional. After several times of use, you will find the middle, and bottom sections of the mop will easily get worn out, mainly when you apply pressure while cleaning.

May Damage Your Floor

Also, when you are trying to get rid of stubborn stains off the floor, it’s easy to have the plastic head of the mop crapped and damage your floor, especially when they are colored smooth tiles.

Thus, experts recommend cleaners trying to use some tact when cleaning the floor to prevent scratches.

How Do You Change a Spin Mop Head?

Get a Mop Head

The best thing of using the spinning mop is that it allows you to replace the mop head after some use. As stated, you’ll have to find a spinning head to replace your old one.

Of course, you can buy mop online in several stores. Keep in mind to do your research as well as scroll through some reviews to find the best store to buy a high-quality spinning head.

Align the Mop Head

Let the mop head stay in a straight position lying flat and spread out on the floor. Then, step on the mop head lightly and twist the handle of the mop until you can to place the bolt of the mop aligned with your foot.

After you manage to get the mop head aligned, bend over the handle of the mop in the opposite direction as your foot. Give the mop head a slight tag, and it will be free from the mop cap.

Replace the Mop Head


Finally, attach the new mop head for replacement. To do this, place the mop handle over on the head in the position of that the mop cap completely covers the mop head.

Once the mop head is in place, use some minimal pressure on the mop cap to make it attach firmly to the new mop head.

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And that’s everything you need to know how to replace a mop head. How easy is that! However, experts recommend that you do not follow any other instructions to replace the mop.

Since these mops are highly breakable, use the method above to change the mop head. If you still keep the manual, please read the process explained in the book (as it’s the best way) and followed the instructions stated within it.

And that’s all for today. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comment section below. Thank you!

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