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How To Get Rid Of Moths In Garage?- Most Common Methods

When knowing that moths are flying around in your garage, then you may be a little bit concerned. In most cases, moths are not a big deal as they are mostly harmless to you. However, they are the root of many troublesome situations around your house. For instance, moth larvae are famous for eating costumes, and they come into close contact with bread, pasta, and pizza as well.


If moths are just in your garage, you may not need to be concerned about that too much. However, many families have garages directly joined with their main parts of the house. 

Hence, moths can sneak into your home and start causing problems. But do not worry just yet; we have everything you need to stop moths from invading your home before they can create big troubles for you. 

Keep scrolling down and equip yourself with useful information on how to get rid of moths in garage. 

Why Do Moths Make Their Way To Your Garage?

Before coming out with methods to get rid of moths for good, let’s look at why the garage is the popular destination for moths and other pests.

If you know about moths’ history, this kind of animal previously used the moon’s natural light to navigate themselves in the air. This feature also explains why moths love light-generating sources so much. 

However, the day marked the invention of the lightbulb on 27th January 1880 by Thomas Edison, which brought illumination to the whole world, was the darkest day in moths history. 

Since the lightbulb invention, moths have been attracted to a new source of light- artificial light. However, humans’ artificial light also brings fatality to moths as it comes with high temperatures, which can kill the moths when they fly close to the light.

And have you ever driven home late, then turned on the light in your garage, slowly drove the car in the right position? That period is enough for moths and other pubs to invade your garage- making the first step in roaming every corner in your house. 

Besides, though the garage gives moths and other pests the same comfort as other parts of the house, such as warmth and food, its highly accessible feature relative to other parts of the house makes it different. As people and vehicles go in and out of the garage regularly, the garage door’s continuous opening allows moths and bugs to easily enter. 

Not just moths are lured into your garage. Intruders like deer mice and silverfish also come into play and make themselves at home in wall voids and storage boxes, while corners are the cosy shelter for house spiders and other pests. 

As the garage is commonly used for cars and old sports equipment storage far from human touch, it is generally not clean, allowing pests to hide and thrive.

How To Get Rid Of Moths In Garage?

This section will discover natural and heavy-duty ways to get rid of moths in your garage. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses; hence, to get the best result, you can apply all these methods.

Friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Moths

The following parts will provide you with some natural ways to make moths stay far away from your house. These methods entail changing your habit, using natural scent. 

Make Some Adjustments

When it comes to friendly ways to kick moths out of the garage, firstly, it is necessary to know how to prevent them from coming into your garage. The easiest thing you can do is to reduce the frequency you drive home late. Instead, if you know you will come home late, besides safety, getting a taxi means you do not need to open your garage.

In case you have to use your car, turn off its light before driving in the garage. This practice helps avoid luring moths and other insects into your garage. Moreover, you probably reduce the illumination of the light by using the lights which offer medium brightness.

Besides, vacuuming your baseboards and carpets is another alternative as moths love hanging out in dirty places. In case you’re facing a current infestation, changing your vacuum filter and bag frequently to make sure that you’re kicking the larvae out of your home. If you notice that moths are in clothes, place them in the freezer within 24 hours to terminate any active larvae.

Use Some Natural Scents

Cedarwood Texas Essential oil

The first name on the list of natural scents that moths dislike is cedar. This plant can be very supportive when it comes to kicking moths out of your garage. The reason behind this lies in what cedar has- certain pheromones that serve as a hated smell to moths and several types of bugs as well.

To cast moths out, all you need to do is just make your garage filled with cedar in several areas that you think might be their shelter. By applying this method, the moths do not want to be around your garage, and your problem will be resolved. 

However, you do not have to use cedar in its natural form to get this done. Instead, there are several options for cedar spray for you to choose from. You can use an oil diffuser together with essential cedar oil to stop the moths from stepping into your garage.

Crushed-Up Herbs

Besides cedar, lavender, mint, cloves, thyme, and rosemary can provide friendly solutions to solve moths. All you have to do is have several herbs such as rosemary, bay leaves, thyme, cloves, lavender crushed. Then you put them in small bags and hang these bags strategically at certain areas inside your garage.

The powerful scents from these herbs will be a helpful moth repellent. It is also good to purchase essential oils of various herbs and utilize them in a diffuser in the similar way you with cedar. By doing either method, this practice works to cast moths out of your area. Moreover, a majority of people find the scent quite pleasant to smell. 

Heavy-Duty Ways To Deal With Moths

Here are some extreme methods you can use to get rid of moths for good. Let’s check it out!

Use Special Sticky Trap

Besides using natural smells to kick moths out, sticky traps are useful tools to terminate them. These sticky traps, or the so-called-flypaper, work well to trap moths in garages when you cover the flypaper in moth pheromones to lure them to it.

When the moths get caught in the sticky trap that you set up, and they will never get out. In the end, the moths will all die, and your problem is over. 

Applying sticky traps is a good method to remove many moths quickly, but you may also want to apply the listed above methods to prevent moths and other bugs from trickling back to your garage later on.

Mothball Is Helpful, But Be Careful With It

Enoz Made in The USA Old Fashioned Moth Balls

The most extreme method used to kill moths is using mothballs. Whether the mothballs you are using entail naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, they will sublimate- releasing gas, and fumes, which are toxic to moths, and moth larvae can kill them or deter them from the area.

For the mothballs to achieve the desired result, you should lay them in an enclosed environment where the moths are placed with the scent. In the case of a garage, it is the perfect place for this strategy as the garage area is relatively small.

However, the downside of mothballs is that it is also toxic to humans and pets. By inhaling the fumes from mothballs for a long time, you will likely be exposed to the toxic chemicals generated from them. 

Sometimes, children and pets can mistake mothballs for food or candy and eat them, which can cause serious health effects, including headaches, eye, and nose irritation, nausea, and coughing. So, we recommend using friendly methods to deal with moths before you come to mothballs.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, there are several ways to deal with moths simmering in your garage. You can apply both natural scents and essential oils from cedar, lavender, mint, cloves, thyme, and rosemary to get rid of moths in your garage.

Besides, together with changing your driving habit and the lightbulb, cleaning your garage regularly is very important in discovering the shelter of moths before they go up in number.

If you do not get the expected result after applying all of these methods, trapping them and intoxicating them is the final option you can opt for.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with useful information on how to get rid of moths in garage. Each alternative has its advantages and disadvantages. Hence, when considering them, you need to balance between keeping moths far away from your home and keeping your family safe. 

Thanks for reading!

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