Does Kombucha Stain Carpet When You Spill It On The Floor?

Today, Kombucha tea has become a popular healthy drink because of its benefits. It is considered a savior for those who love salubrious drinks and purify the body. 

However, people also have some dilemmas when using it. Is it as effective as its rumor? Whether it has some downsides besides its benefits? Does Kombucha stain carpet? 

If you have the same concern, don’t worry! We get your back! Let’s take a look at this article, and your questions will be solved. 

What Is Kombucha?

Kombucha is an unfamiliar name for many people, but it is a trendy drink among culinary connoisseurs and the community of healthy food lovers.

Kombucha tea is a fermented beverage that is believed to originate in China. More than 2000 years ago, the Chinese considered Kombucha as the elixir of immortality. Then it was widely spread to other countries such as Japan, Russia, and India. 

This tea is also widespread in several countries and cultures like Poland, Korea, and Germany.

Kombucha tea is a fermented liquid produced from green tea, black tea, or white tea and sugar in natural fruit. It is soured by SCOBY, a fungus mixture from symbiosis of bacteria and yeast. 

Then, Scoby bacteria and enzymes eat up most of the sugar in the tea. As a result, it turns the tea into a slightly acidic, low-calorie, sugar-sweet drink.

Why is Kombucha so popular? Because it has several outstanding benefits that we will mention below.


Kombucha is made from green tea, which has an antioxidant effect on the liver. Regular intake of kombucha can reduce the long-term buildup of toxins in the organ. In some cases, its detoxifying effect is at least 70%.

Aid Indigestion

Kombucha with antioxidants contributes to neutralizing free radicals, preventing and healing damage in the stomach and intestines. Besides, the high content of probiotics and beneficial enzymes in kombucha also help resist harmful bacteria in the digestive system.

Additional Energy

Kombucha contains caffeine, vitamin B, and iron produced after tea fermentation to provide ample energy to the body. Therefore, it keeps your body energized and healthy every day.

Immune Booster

Kombucha is rich in polyphenols and acetic acid. Both are responsible for inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and yeasts.

Lose Weight

Kombucha helps boost metabolism and minimize fat production. Besides, it is sufficient for weight control because it is rich in acetic acid and polyphenols.

Does Kombucha Stain Carpet?

Just like green teas and other colored water, if you spill kombucha on the floor, it will stain your carpets for sure. The reason is that they contain tannin, an alkaline substance that creates difficult-to-wash glue.

In the worst cases, it can stick long-lasting stain traces on your carpet. Hence, it will be very tough for you to remove them.

Therefore, you should realize that you have to get the stain out of your carpets as quickly as possible. If you do not exclude it immediately, the color will ultimately set in. Consequently, it may become impossible to get it out of your rugs. 

How Do You Get Kombucha Out Of a Carpet? 

Kombucha tea will make your carpet stained, but don’t worry because we will show you some way to remove them. 

First, you can dilute a mixture in one teaspoon vinegar ratio in one liter of water to soak the stained carpet in 10 minutes. After that, rinse it with water as usual. 

If the stain is converted into yellow, you should rub it using the Surf Excel liquid detergent. Then, steep the rug’s stained segment with water and leave it for more than half an hour.

Wrapping Up 

After reading this article, have you found the answer to your question? Does Kombucha stain carpet? The answer is yes. However, you also have solutions for these Kombucha tea stains. 

The typical way is using a mixture of vinegar or Surf Excel liquid detergent. We hope that both are useful to get Kombucha stain out of your carpets. Let’s give them a try.

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