Recycled Bicycle Inner Tube Feather Earrings

I recently found these amazing earrings made from recycled bicycle inner tube from several Etsy sellers and you know that every time I see something interesting I always need to try them on my own. This time I have a particular advantage because my father is a cyclist so I can find tons of  this inner tube ready for thousands of different projects!

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What you need for this project is a used (or a new) bicycle inner tube, a pair of good scissors and a pair of clips for your earrings. Of course you have to be good at cutting but this is more or less everything you need. If you want to start with a easier shape that’s good, you can make every shape you want, a leaf, a heart, a geometric figure! Inner tube are quite long and with just one of them you can make 7/8 pair of these so don’t blame yourself if you don’t get results at the first attempt.

At the beginning just cut an 8 cm long peace of inner tube and then open it up and wash it very gently. The hardest part of the project is that the rubber of the inner tube remain folded so you have to cut it with more attention. Luckily feather are not regular so you don’t have to be too much precise, just pay attention to make clean cutting.

Start cutting from the bottom, after several attempts I found that is the best strategy and follow the pattern in the picture. At first on one side then on the other one. Probably your first feather will be strange or crooked but you will get better with time. Once your feather are completed, just put the clips. The rubber is easy to pierce!

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There are some many different shape that you can do, If you make a search on Pinterest you can find beautiful ideas, maybe even easier than this, that could fit better your first attempt, see here some inspiration:

As Usual, in case you want to buy them without any effort they are available on my Etsy shop.