What Happens If You Put Cleaning Bleach On Your Hair?

Bleaching is the action of fading your hair’s color then its tone gets lighter at some level.

Commonly, people who want to get trendy will investigate bleaching methods.  The primary ingredients from hydrogen peroxide and ammonia of the bleaching products help to lighten the hair.

But what happens if you put cleaning bleach on your hair? Let’s find out the answer through our post!

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What Happens If You Put Cleaning Bleach On Your Hair? Is It Good Or Bad?

The cleaning bleach is made up of sodium compounds like sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, and sodium polyacrylate. These chemicals are functioned to remove stains on the clothes or the floor.

Straight to the point, what happens if you put cleaning bleach on your hair? The result may upset you.

Your scalp may burn, and your hair stands a chance of permanently losing if the liquid reaches the root of it. Furthermore, your skins or your eyes can be damaged if the bleaching comes in contact with them.

The cleaning bleach is meant for cleaning. It’s not for your hair, so you should never think about trying it on. A reckless experiment with it may cause serious trouble. It must also be kept far away from children.

You Could Try A Safe Experiment To See The Result

Cut out a little bit of your hair on the tip, and absorb it all down to the cleaning bleach liquid bowl, then wait. After about 15 minutes, you look into the bowl, and there is no hair remaining in the liquid.

This indicates the dangerous effect of the cleaning bleach on the hair, so you must stay away from it.

What Should You Do If You Put Cleaning Bleach On Your Hair?

  • Step 1: Immediately wash your hair with water to avoid any hair damage as soon as possible.
  • Step 2: Use a deep conditioner applied to your hair so that your hair will be moisturized enough. Deep condition your hair at regular intervals until your hair attains its original condition (the cleaning bleach will make your hair so brittle that moisturizing it is extremely vital).

Should You Bleach Synthetic Hair with Cleaning Bleach?

The answer to this question is NO. The cleaning bleach is not intended for any kind of hair, even if it’s synthetic.

There are just two things that the cleaning bleach can do to your synthetic hair:

  • The synthetic hair will be dry, rough, and brittle if it is left in a trice.
  • More seriously, the synthetic hair possibly will be dissolved if it is left for a long time (the toxic chemicals present in the cleaning bleach can make the hair to dissolve).

In Brief

We hope this article will clarify what happens if you put cleaning bleach on your hair. It’s no wrong for you to choose your hair color. But hair is an important part that decides your look. You should not use any products that aren’t produced for hair to protect your look and health.

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