Leather Shoes And Can You Wash Leather Shoes In The Washer?

Leather shoes are often more expensive than other types of shoes. Therefore, knowing how to preserve your leather shoes is very of great importance. But can you wash leather shoes in the washer? This question makes you confused, right?

Fear not! Read this article from ChocolateaAndCraft to the end to find out the answer. 


Can You Wash Leather Shoes in the Washer?

If you are owning a pair of authentic leather shoes, don’t wash it in the washer

It is understandable as the real leather, like human skin, is very sensitive. Water cyclones and chemicals within the washer can ruin its structure. Therefore, washing your leather shoes in the washer can make them shrink and crack. Instead of washing, clean it with our below steps: 

Taking the Shoelaces off 

Taking the shoelaces off will help you clean the whole shoes easier. There are several types of laces that your shoes may have: cotton, nylon, or even leather. 

For cotton or nylon, it is easy to wash by washing powder. You can put it into a washing machine to wash with other clothes. In case your shoelaces are created from the same material as leather, wash it in the same way you wash your leather shoes.

Make sure your shoelaces get dried before tying back to the cleaned shoes.

Cleaning the Insoles  

Insoles are the interiors part inside the shoes. First, you have to take two insoles out. Use a piece of cloth dipped into a mixture of baking soda and warm water to wipe on the insoles. 

Wipe several times until you see the insoles get cleaner and less smell. You should clean them often without washing the whole shoes or replacing them if necessary.

Clean the Surface of the Shoes 

You can’t wash your leather shoes directly in the washer, but you can clean it. All you have to prepare is a shoe brush and a piece of cotton cloth. Use a shoe brush to comb on the surface of the shoes. It will help remove the dust or tiny molecules of debris. Next, dip the cotton cloth into the water and wipe on the leather part of the shoes. Soaking the cotton cloth, squeeze it before wiping again. Do this step a few times.  

Sometimes, your shoes can’t avoid having persistent stains, which make your shoes look worse. What should you do? 

In that case, the first thing you should do is put a small amount of detergent into the water and mix it. Spread a small amount of this mixture on the surface of the shoes where the stain is, rub gently on the stain to remove it. Then wipe again with a clean piece of cloth.

Dry and Polish the Shoes 

Put the shoes under the shade and let it get dried. You also can use a vacuum to dry the inside and the surface of the shoes. Apply a small amount of polish on the shoes. 

Please note that the color of the polish has to match with the color of the shoes. Use a shoe brush to spread polish all over the surface of the shoes, do it gently. Brush until you get your shoes to shine as required.  

How Can You Preserve Your Leather Shoes? 

Leather shoes are quite sensitive to chemicals and water. So if you own a pair of leather shoes, you have to:

Keep It away from the Water

Well, it is kind of difficult for your shoes to avoid getting wet during the time. So keep it away from the water as much as you can. Always bring with you a small piece of cotton to immediately wipe away liquid stains, water drops on your shoes. Some people use repellent to prevent the water but check with manufacturers if your shoes are possible to have it on.

Use Shoe Conditioner Properly

Leather shoes are biomaterials, just like human skin. So spend time and use a leather conditioner properly for your shoes, it will look brighter, and smoother.

Store Your Shoes in a Dry and Cool Place

 Yes, any wet, bad conditions of storage can cause the shoes’ damages such as getting termites, being eaten by insects. 

Use the Right Polish

As mentioned above. You can apply a small amount of polish to make your shoes brighter, don’t overdose. But remember to choose the polish for leather, it’s the right color. 

Take Care of Shoelaces

 Last but not least, the laces are as important as the shoes. Besides being a decoration for the shoes, the laces also adjust the shoes to fit users’ legs. Thus, remember when you clean your leather shoes, take the laces off, and wash it separately. If it is too old, replace it with new ones.

Can You Put Leather Shoes in the Dryer? 

Our suggestion is no. Clothes dryer is a perfect solution for wet cotton clothes but it is not an option for leather material items, especially leather shoes. When you put your leather shoes in the dryer, under the impact of heat your shoes will shrink even cracks. 

Thus, to dry your leather shoes, put it in a cool and dry place, and wait for it to get dried. Putting it in front of a fan is a good idea as well. 


Leather shoes are not just an item of clothing but also an item of fashion. And taking care of authentic leather shoes is not easy and never will be. Always say no, if someone asks you can you wash leather shoes in the washer. It requires you to clean it carefully, tactfully. But believe me, it is worth your time. 

Because a pair of leather shoes which get care properly will bring you many comforts. We also suggest you check all the instructions from the manufacturer before starting to wash, clean your shoes.

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