Can You Put Orange Peels In The Garbage Disposal?

The garbage disposal is a popular household appliance for getting rid of food waste. But this invention is not completely perfect for some kinds of food.

When it comes to the tiny particles like orange peels, can you put orange peels in the garbage disposal? You can protect your garbage disposal if you have the right answer.


Can You Put Orange Peels In The Garbage Disposal?

Many people sometimes wonder if orange peels are decomposed in the garbage disposal without damaging it at all. Here are some interesting facts for you to know.

If citrus peels are torn into really tiny pieces, they are still harmless to the garbage disposal, plus they function as a deodorant that keeps the appliance fresh and clean. 

To clean your garbage disposal more effectively with orange peels, they should go into the sink with some ice. Remember that the method only works well if the peels are already in very small particles or they damage your garbage disposal.

If you have guests come to visit your house, your garbage disposal should not be a mess. And it is such a good time to give orange peels a try for cleaning.

You just have to follow these simple steps to deodorize your garbage disposal with citrus peels:

Step 1: Place the peels combined with a large bowl of ice cubes in the garbage disposal.

Step 2: Drip down the cold water and then turn on the disposal for 30 to 45 seconds.

Step 3: Turn off the disposal then wash it with hot water for 15 more seconds.

What Can You Do with Orange Peels?

DIY All-natural Orange Vinegar For Cleaning 

White vinegar contains cleaning ingredients that deodorize almost everything from laundry to washing floors. However, white vinegar does not exude a completely amazing smell. But trying a new green cleaning routine is worth it, isn’t it?

Scented Vinegar for Cleaning 

This DIY method is efficient for cleaning, allowing you to get rid of grease with ease. It is natural and  non-toxic.

Orange Vinegar For Cleaning Instructions

What you need to make a bottle of orange vinegar consists of orange peels, white vinegar, and a glass container. The steps are really simple:

Step 1: Put all the peels into the glass container (Any citrus peels can work well).

Step 2: Pour white vinegar till the peels are totally abstracted. The infusion process can be faster if you heat the vinegar first,

Step 3: Close the container tightly and place it in a dark place for a couple of weeks. You will see the orange peels infusing the vinegar that brings out a natural scent and color.

Step 4: After several weeks, you can bring the bottle out, strain out the peels, it is ready to be used for cleaning.


With this article, you may have the answer to the question “Can you put orange peels in the garbage disposal?”. We hope that you can gain more knowledge about how to use your garbage disposal and a new cleaning solution from orange peels for your kitchen.

We all know that there are a lot of products for cleaning and deodorizing. But isn’t it more friendly to the environment to use the citrus peels method, which is so friendly to the environment, instead of those products of toxic chemicals?

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