Can You Put Eggshells In A Garbage Disposal?

Have you ever asked: “Can you put eggshells in a garbage disposal?”? If you search this question on Google or other searching tools, there will be multiple answers out there.

Some websites claim that eggshells will damage your garbage disposal in the sink in the long run, while some argue that eggshells will help sharpen the blades in the disposal containers. Do these answers make you feel confused? 

In that case, we highly recommend you to read this article to find the most appropriate answer to this question. Moreover, we will have some handy tips for you to deal with eggshells. Let’s check it out.

Can You Put Eggshells In A Garbage Disposal 

It is A Big No-No!

Unfortunately, it is not a good idea to throw eggshells in a trash-compactor. Here are some possible condition that happens when eggshells stuck in the garbage compactor:


Do you know what eggshells are made from? Calcium. As many of you may know, calcium cannot melt in water but will stay for a long time in the trash grinder in your sink. 

That does not appear to be the problem, right? But after a long time, if you continue to put eggshells in waste disposal units, there will be more and more tiny eggshell fragments stuck in the garbage bag. These pieces will clump together with other food waste like oil, which leads to clogging.  

Slowing Down of Grinding System

Do you notice that there is a thin membrane inside the eggshells? These membranes seem to be easy for the blade of the garbage disposal to deal with. However, the truth is different from what you think. The skins inside eggshells will cause the razors to work slowly or, even worse, stop working. 

Can Eggshell Sharpen The Garbage Disposal Blades? 

We bet many of you have heard eggshells can make the knives of trash compactors sharper. It is understandable that since eggshells are solid, people will think it is a good tool to hone the knives. 

However, there is nothing to prove that the blades will be whetted by cutting eggshells into pieces. And as we have told you earlier, dumping them straight down the garbage disposal can spell trouble for the pipe system of your home.

Therefore, you should not use this method to fix your blunt knives. 

If you are looking for alternative methods, we recommend you to use ice. Unlike eggshells, ice will melt after a short period of time and leave no particles inside the trash container. Thus, ice can be used instead of eggshells if you want to grind the cutlery of your sink.

How To Deal With Eggshells After Using? 

So instead of throwing it into the trash disposal, what can we do with eggshells? Here are our life hacks to tackle your eggshells issues:

Throw In The Trash Can

It is one of the easiest ways. Why take risks to throw eggshells in the garbage disposal while all you need to do is put it in the recycling bin? 


As you may know, the main ingredient of eggshells is calcium. Therefore, it is wise to compost them because they will help improve your garden’s soil nutrition to help your plants grow better. 

So what can you do to compost eggshells? Just simply throw it to your garden ground or use a mixer to crush it and use it as a fertilizer type.


Do you know that eggshells are one of the most effective ingredients to create your cleaning mix? They are eco-friendly and do not have negative effects on our health like other cleaning products. 

Want to know our secret to create your cleaning powder? All you have to do is grind the eggshells and mix it with baking soda, and then add in some vinegar later on. This mixture is excellent for cleaning stubborn food particles left on your pan or stain on your sink. 

Grow Tree In Eggshells

Looking at the photo below, these little plants are cute when growing up in eggshells, aren’t they? It is an environmental-friendly and uncomplicated method to start growing your seed. Why don’t you try this tip now?

Reduce Pests

Besides improving soil nutrients, eggshells can help you avoid garden insects such as slugs or cutworms because the smell of eggs will keep them away from your garden. It is one of many eco-friendly ways to reduce pests.


Now we bet you have grasped the answer to this question: “Can you put eggshells in a garbage disposal?”. Though it is claimed to sharpen your trash disposal blade, we recommend you not keep running eggshells in trash compactors.

Instead, there are many tips to deal with eggshells to protect your sink and take advantage of used eggshells, as we have suggested above. 

We hope with our hacks; you will find it easier dealing with eggshells problem.

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