Can You Put Chicken Bones In The Garbage Disposal?

After your family has dinner with delicious dishes cooked from chicken, it’s time to clean up the mess. What will you do with the remaining chicken bones? Can you put chicken bones in the garbage disposal?

You are worried about the damage for your disposal, aren’t you? Well, we will give you some advice to process the bones properly in our post below.

Can You Put Chicken Bones In The Garbage Disposal?

Putting bones in the garbage disposal is not advisable though your disposal could handle them. You really should not pour chicken bones into the disposal. Why do we advise against it? Let’s find out the answer together.

Why Should You Not Put Chicken Bones In The Garbage Disposal?

Surely you are wondering why the garbage disposal is not suitable for breaking down chicken bones. Actually, the bones will cause some harm to your device.

Dull The Blades

If the garbage disposal blade is strong enough to grind chicken bones, it will encounter no problems during the first few times. However, when you continue to put bones into the disposal, the blade will blunt over time. Then when you toss anything down the disposal, the blade will not work as well as before.

In the case the blade becomes dull, will you spend money buying a new one? Well, it’s up to you, but that’s quite a waste compared to purchasing a new garbage disposal. You can save extra expenses by using this device wisely and properly.

Damage The Blades

The worst situation that happens when you use the garbage disposal to break chicken bones is that the blade snaps. You cannot use the device anymore, and you have to buy a new one soon. Some bones are so hard, and the blade is not strong enough to clash with the bones. As a result, putting chicken bones into the disposal will damage the device easily.

Even though your garbage disposal can tackle plenty of food waste, it does not specialize in breaking something hard like chicken bones. It’d be best not to put them in the disposal.

So, What Should You Do With Chicken Bones?


Now come back to the garbage disposal story; it’s not recommended to put bones in the disposal, and we still have some other suggestions. So, what will you do with the leftover bones?

Make Compost

That sounds great when we can make compost from chicken bones. However, it takes more time than normal domestic waste like vegetables or waste food. On the other hand, the quantity of bones to make compost is not much, so we don’t usually use this method.

However, you can bury chicken bones deep into the soil in your green tree pot or the garden, and the bones will be rotten gradually.

Throw Away

If you don’t have any ideas, the simplest way is to throw out domestic waste. Actually, there is nothing wrong when you do that, but it’s not a perfect case. 

It will be better to classify waste and keep bones in a separate bin or waste bag. Besides, don’t forget to pack or wrap the garbage bags carefully to avoid attracting the dogs as they will tear the package and scatter inside to find food.

Final Words

After reading our post, do you answer the question: can you put chicken bones in the garbage disposal? To sum up, we advise you not to pour the chicken bones into the garbage disposal in any case. It could cause some breakdowns and malfunctions with your disposal, so you should consider other ways to get rid of the chicken bones.

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned to our next interesting sharing!

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