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Can I Use Acetone To Clean Paint Brushes?

You are doing a project and those brushes with dried paint prevent you from getting the best result. “Can I use acetone to clean paint brushes?”.

You find it difficult to figure out the right answer. Don’t be worried. It is right here in this article. Check it out!


Can I Use Acetone To Clean Paint Brushes?

Acetone is a strong solvent used as ingredients to make nail polish remover. It can wash off paint drips and clean paint brushes. You can even utilize it as an alternative if acetone is not available in your home. But, the impact may not be as strong because to make nail polish remover, some other substances have been added. 

Acetone can be reused several times and it works well on both dried and fresh paint. However, to get the best result, you should check the type of paint and choose the suitable solvent. Here are some suggestions:

  • Acetone is best for oil-based paint or acrylic paint.
  • Warm water is great to clean water-based paint or glue.
  • Denatured alcohol is used to remove shellacs perfectly.

It is important  to pay attention to the right solvent. In case you have difficulty distinguishing them, you should ask for advice from your paint seller.   

How To Use Acetone To Clean Paint Brushes?

Things You Need To Prepare

  • Acetone
  • Water
  • Paint brushes
  • Soap
  • Glover and safety glass
  • A cup or a bowl
  • Paper towel or old rag

4 Steps To Wash Your Paint Brushes With Acetone

Step 1

Put on your glover and safety glass. This helps to minimize the influence of acetone on the skin. It is also recommended that you should wash your paint brushes with acetone in a well-ventilated space.

Step 2

Use soap and water to wash off as much paint as you can. Then dry  those brushes by a paper towel or an old rag. 

Step 3

Pour acetone into a cup or a bowl. A glass container is a good choice in this case. You also need to make sure there is enough acetone to soak the brushes into this solvent.

Place your brushes into this solvent. Then move your brush back and forth until most of the paint stain has been removed. If your brush has too much paint on it, leave it overnight.

Step 4

Once your brush is clean, wash off any leftover acetone on the brush by using soap. Let it dry completely. Finally, reshape the bristles and start your new project.

In Conclusion

“Can I use acetone to clean paint brushes?” We hope that we have answered this question in this article for you.  Once you follow the tip above, your paint brushes can be cleaned perfectly.

Also, you should not forget to wash your brushes right after using them. It’s the best way to keep your tools longer and save you a lot of time for the next project.

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