Can Dry Cleaners Remove Stains? – The Ultimate Answer

Can dry cleaners remove stains? Is it true that without water, you cannot wash out dirty spots? What types of stains can be removed by dry cleaners? Do you want to know what the answers are?

Each type of stain requires a different method to clean. Therefore, you cannot always remove all smudges by using dry cleaning products. 

However, there are some life hacks to deal with these stubborn stains. Let’s read this article to find out. 


Can Dry Cleaners Remove Stains? 

Unfortunately, not all types of stains can be washed out easily with dry cleaners. Here are the factors that decide whether you can wash out those spots or not:

How Long Have The Stains Stayed?

Some dirty spots stay at your fabric for an extended time and become a part of the material. They are one of the most stubborn sorts of stains. The longer the smudge stays, the harder it is to remove. Do you want to know the reason?

It is because new stains only stay on the surface of fabrics, and at this time, they are not quite troublesome to deal with. However, after a long time, smudges start to absorb into the fabric and change your materials’ color. Therefore, old stains become permanent marks and have no effective removal methods.

Color Of Fabrics

If your fabrics’ dye color quickly fades, trying to remove marks will do even more damages to your material. Therefore, dry cleaners can do nothing to help you clear the stains while retaining your clothes’ color. 

Rust Stain

Have you ever stored your clothes in damp places? Do you notice the yellow or light brown stains on your favorite items after a long time? Or have you unexpectedly poured red wine on your white shirt?

They are called oxidation stains that cannot be removed by dry cleaning.

What Types Of Stains Can Be Removed By Dry Cleaning? 

Though dry cleaning cannot guarantee to do you wonders on every fabric type, you can easily clean several stains with this method. In dry cleaning products, there are special ingredients that help you wash effectively without affecting your fabric.   

Stains From Protein

On the occasion that you have protein-based marks such as blood, meat, and so on, you can easily remove them by dry cleaning. Therefore, do not worry about these stains and let the cleaners do the job for you!

Oily Stains

Smudge from oils or butter might be challenging to wash by yourself but is not a challenge for dry cleaners. Therefore, if you have these stains on your clothes, bring them to a dry laundry, and they will tackle your problems.

Food Stains

If you accidentally pour soda, tea or sauces on your clothes, dry cleaners can help. Therefore, if your clothes are made from dry-clean only fabric, bring them straight to dry clean stores.

What Tips To Remove Stubborn Stains With Dry Cleaners?

Soak The Stains First

Some fabric cannot be washed with water, but if you have small smudges, it is acceptable to pour some water on the stained area if necessary.

Then, depending on the stains’ origins, you should use pretreat methods such as baking soda, vinegar or deterge, etc., and lightly wash the dirty marks. After this step, dry cleaning is much easier for removing the smudges.

Remover Pens

There are many occasions when you cannot clean stains immediately, so we recommend you always keep a stain remover pen in your bag. These pens will temporarily remove dirty marks on your clothes. Then you are ready to dry-wash your fabric when you get home. Sometimes this tip will save your day!

Let Professionals Help You

If you are unsure whether you can remove stains or not, you should bring it to skilled dry cleaners. They will give you the most helpful advice to avoid damaging the materials.


Cleaning is a complicated task since there are numerous kinds of stains on your clothes that you want to wash, and each type of stain has a unique way to remove it.

However, sometimes clothes are not available for washing with water. In that case, dry cleaners are the best way to go. 

Now we bet you’ve known the answer to this question: “Can dry cleaners remove stains?”. Depending on the types of stains, dry cleaners can efficiently remove dirty spots. Therefore, you need to be careful when cleaning the fabric.

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