Are Potato Peels Safe In the Garbage Disposal?

Cutting-edge garbage disposal can handle almost all types of garbage. What we need to do is collect the garbage and throw it into the disposal. However, if they are potato peels, you should be more careful. 

Let’s go and find the answer to the question: Are potato peels safe in the garbage disposal?


Are Potato Peels Safe in The Garbage Disposal?

It would be best if you did not throw your leftover into the kitchen sink as the food can block plumbing piles, becoming a mess until it gets fixed by a plumber, especially when it is organic peels in general and potato peels in particular. 

Nowadays, with state-of-the-art technology, manufacturers have produced very powerful garbage disposal to “digest” almost all food types. 

However, potato peels are unique and probably can cause trouble for the garbage disposal. After the disposal shreds potato peels, it leaves some starches sticking inside drain piles due to the potato’s natural glue content. 

The longer the starches are there, the high possibility of clogging or blocking it is. And we all know how hard to fix the drain system! 

How Potato Peels Cause Trouble to Your Drain Pipes?

Starches make dishes from potatoes more delicious, but it also creates a very sticky natural glue if mixed with water. Potato peels contain many starches, so when they come down the sink, the mixture of starches and water creates a glue-like paste. 

Gradually, the paste gets thicker and thicker. Unless you clean the plumbing pipes, the paste can get clogged and mess up the whole draining system in your kitchen. Believe us; we do not exaggerate the situation at all!  

Moreover, the starch-and-water paste also sticks to the edges of garbage disposal’s blades and rollers. As a result, this makes your garbage disposal work less effectively. In the long run, the potato “natural glue” will get other garbage stuck around too.  

Therefore, you have to stop disposing potato peels (or any other garbage having the same sticky starches) into the garbage disposal. So how can we deal with the potato peels?

You might be thinking about some kinds of chemicals to handle the peel. However, those chemical substances can bring dangerous effects on the environment and your health also. Let us help you with some methods to get rid of these potato peels. 

How to Dispose Of Potato Peels?

To dispose of potato peels more easily, you have to separate them from other types of garbage first. Then you can put them in a bag or container. 

Recycle to Use as Fertilizer

Not only potato peels, in rural areas, farmers often use the leftovers of fresh vegetables to use as a fertilizer. 

How to Get Rid of Clogs?

In case plumbing pipes in your kitchen are clogged with potato peels, do not worry. We are going to give you a “first-aid” method to fix it before getting help from a plumber. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the garbage disposal. There might be electric leaks or blade crashes if you keep the garbage disposal on. 
  2. Define what causes the problem and where it is. You can use the flashlight to do that. 
  3. Find a device that can hold and help you take the pipe objects out, such as tongs.
  4. After taking whatever is stuck inside the pipes out, please turn on the water down the sink to see if there is anything still clogging the drain. 

If you do your best, but the clogging is still there, it is time for you to call a professional plumber. 

How to Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal?

To avoid problems such as clogging or leaking from your garbage disposal unit, you should frequently look after it. Here are some “DON’Ts” you should remember to keep your garbage disposal unit working longer. 


  • Throw potato peels, or other similar organic peels directly into your garbage disposal
  • Put things made from plastic, metal or glass down the garbage disposal.
  • Pour hot water and food down to the machine because hot water can dispose of fat from the food and stick inside the drain.
  • Pour oil and grease down the plumbing pipe. They can cause the same problems as potato starch does.
  • Add too much food into the disposal at once. Because this makes the machine work stressfully and easy to malfunction. 
  • Use garbage disposal with sticky food such as rice and pasta. These types of food have high absorbance, so they can take water, turn it into paste and then clog inside the piles. 
  • Pour harsh chemicals down the pile of garbage disposal. Time after time, they might ruin the blades and the piles as well. 

Final Thoughts

So “Are potato peels safe in the garbage disposal?”. The answer is a firm No. You can recycle the potato peels as a type of fertilizer or use one of the methods we mentioned to deal with the peels. We hope you will always take good care of your garbage disposal and never have to call a plumber.

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