Are Ants Clean – Why Do Ants Come In A Clean House?

One day, you see a lot of ants in your house. These creatures crawl everywhere, from the living room to the kitchen, on the dining table, or in the sink. These little intruders make you feel so annoying that you start cleaning your house immediately. But the invasion keeps going, then.

So, are ants clean – Why do ants come in a clean house? And if you hate these unwelcome guests, is there any solution to stop them from coming?


Are Ants Clean?

Although ants often crawl on or dig into the dirt, they are not completely dirty. Prof. David Arroyo from the Department of Biology at Universidad Del Turabo stated that ants are among the cleanest insects on earth. 

Ants choose almost any plants such as grains, vegetables, or fruits as familiar places to visit and find food. Day by day, these little creatures carry and dispose of tons of organic garbage from humans. The case becomes a concern only when ants walk on wound or rotting food and take harmful pathogenic microbes with them. 

Another point proving the cleanliness of ants is their antennas. 

It will be impossible for ants to navigate and communicate with dirty antennas. Hence, they always have to keep themselves clean from contaminating particles. With a quick observation, you can see that an ant often uses front legs to wipe dirt off its bodies, then cleans legs antenna with saliva. 

Why Do Ants Come in A Clean House?


There are many reasons for ants to invade your house. And one of the most common ones is to search for food. Also, an ant uses pheromones to leave a scent trail so that many other ants can follow its path. 

However, even when the houses are clean, the invasion still happens sometimes. Besides food-seeking, there are some other reasons for ants to invade your home.  

An Ant Invasion from Your Neighbors 

Your house is spotless, while some others in your neighborhood may not. That is the problem. 

The dirtier and more disorganized a house is, the more attractive it will be for the ant infestation. Sometimes, trash cans without lids are ideal places for ants to come and make their food-finding routine much easier than ever. 

Then, ants start finding their ways inside those dirty and disorganized houses (maybe yours) as a consequence. There is only one solution to prevent this attack from your neighbors about dealing with the issue. 

A Wave of Ants Finding Water Sources

In fact, ants do not always look for food. In hot sunny seasons, they tend to consume more water and try to find sources. 

Hence, you may find these small friends gather a lot near leaking pipes or faulty faucets to drink water. Due to this situation, we suggest checking your plumbing regularly to make sure that there is no water stagnation around your house. 

A Need for Shelter During Extreme Weather Conditions

Like humans, ants need a shelter protecting them from extreme weather. When the outside temperature gets too high or too low, countless colonies of ants may occur in your house. 

Wood Rot Feeding

This problem is quite common for houses or furniture with wooden structures such as warehouses and garden chairs. It happens when the carpenter ants (a type of ant building nests inside the wood) appear.

In general, the appearance of these ants is not harmful at all. Otherwise, they will help you know about a symptom of a possible decay in your wooden house/furniture structure. So, if you see any carpenter ant around your place, do not forget to check your wooden items right away. 

Ant Re-production

Another type of ant we want to mention here is the flying ants. During spring, it is not a strange alarmed phenomenon when tons of ants fly around your house. Spring is the time for these mating ants to prepare for their new colonies. So, keeping up with your cleaning is useful to get the ants out of your house. 

How to Eliminate Ants from Your House?

An effective ant elimination requires you to determine the reason why these insects invade your house.

For instance, if they come because there are many food pieces left on the floor, it is time for you to clean the house. In case that carpenter ants keep crawling on the wooden-structure things, you should check whether there is any sign of your items rotting or not.

Additionally, we suggest you apply safe ways to repel ants. Let’s take examples. You can try to use peppers since the vegetable with a spicy smell will irritate ants. Or, using tea tree oil to repel ants is also a practical solution. You mix two cups of water with about ten drops of oil and then spray the mixture into the place crowded with ants. 


From our explanation, have you got a satisfying answer to the question, “Are ants clean – Why do ants come in a clean house?”

Honestly, the ant invasion into your house is unnecessarily harmful. But if you significantly want to repel these unwelcome guests, safe methods, as we mentioned above, should always be the priority. 

Otherwise, using pesticides with a high level of chemical composition may cause negative effects on your health. 

And if there is anything that you would like to discuss with us, don’t hesitate to share in the comment below!

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