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Handmade Gift Box

September 24th, 2011

What if you would receive a gift box like this?? Maybe you don’t have such a lovely friend or boyfriend, I don’t 🙂 so why don’t do it by yourself?

It is a very simple procedure moreover I have made for you all templates and decorations to make it even easier!

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Bristol Board (choose your favorite color!)
  • Tissue paper
  • Glue

Step by Step:


Download the box template below, print it, cut it out and use it to get the same shape on your Bristol board. Fold it following the broken lines (use the ruler to help you).


Dowload the decorations and cut them. Choose the ones you prefer and paste them on each side of the box.


Once the glue is dry put it also on the flaps (the pink part in the box template).


Close the box and wait some seconds until the glue is dry.


Take the tissue and crumple it up, then put it in the box leaving the border outside.

That’s it. The box is ready!

Download box template          Download decorations

I really hope you enjoy ths brief tutorial, if you have any question or there is some unclear steps just ask in the comments!

With love,


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Freebie – Free Origami Bookmarks

September 14th, 2011

Free origami bookmarks

It’s time for creativity. Even if we are in the middle of the NYFW and I have a lot of material for a new collage of mine, this time I’ve created something special for you.
Here you find 4 bookmark origami templates, you can download them for free. The texture I’ve made are the ones shown in the picture above.
I really hope you will like them.
Here are the links to download two PDF files.

Download Templates (part 1)   Dowonload Templates (part 2)

Both files contain 2 models that must be cut along the border (square shape).

I’ve also done a video showing how to create these origami bookmarks, but I’m a beginner in video editing so please be patients.



These templates are free for personal use, not for commercial use.




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