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Really? I’m back! DIY laser cut earrings

November 30th, 2015

A very long period has passed since my last post, but if you followed me you should probably know that in the last two years I’ve made the biggest and hardest diy project I’ve ever did, my beautiful son Giorgio. I thought that I would have time and energy for continuing my work here, but let’s face it, growing a child is a full time job 🙂 Now that he is one year old I have a little bit more time so here I am, with a new tutorial. In case you didn’t notice I’ve changed the name of my blog, not to start a brand new one but simply because during first months of motherhood I completely forgot about renewing the domain so I lost it 🙁 The tutaorial is very very simple, I fall in love with these earrings some time ago and now that it is almost Christmas I thought they could be a perfect gift for my friends.

The hardest part of this tutorial is not about the procedure but about the materials, it was very hard for me to find these wood laser earrings, here the link on Etsy to buy them, so it would be easier for you. Another difficult part is to find a very sticky scotch, you will need it to made a good work. Once you have all these and acrylic paint you are already to go, just use the scotch for making your patterns. These are the ones I choose. All these procedure is quite easy but requires a very secure hand 🙂

So here is the procedure in details:
1) Choose a pattern and keep it in mind, try to enhance all sections you want to paint and use the scotch to mark them, probably you will need to do it in more than one step.
2) Paint the section entirely, if you need more hands of paint you will need to wait.
3) Remove the scotch, and proceed to the next section, mark it with scotch and paint it.
4) Let everything dry and then finish the work with transparent painting. That’s it!

If you like it you can buy it on my Etsy shop

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Sweets for Santa {cookie time}

December 16th, 2013

One of the traditions that I loved the most as a child (and you will not be surprised) was to prepare the cookies for Santa Claus. Even though I grew still love prepare for my family and eat them for breakfast on Christmas morning. A cute idea is to realize some cookies with candy shape.

Una delle tradizioni che piu adoravo da bambina (e non ne sarete sorpresi) era quella di preparare i biscotti per babbo Natale. Anche se sono cresciuta ancora oggi adoro prepararli per la mia famiglia e mangiarli a colazione la mattina di Natale. Un’idea carina che si realizza con della semplice pasta frolla è quella di realizzare dei biscotti a forma di caramelle.

sweets for  santa recipe

Once prepared the pastry and chocolate just normal carry sticks and arrotarli together and then cook them for 20 minutes in the oven!

Una volta preparata la pasta frolla normale e al cioccolato basterà realizzare dei bastoncini e arrotarli insieme per poi cuocerli per 20 minuti in forno!

sweets for  santa recipe
sweets for  santa recipe
sweets for  santa recipe

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Christmas berries {joy part 2}

December 11th, 2013

As promised here is the second tutorial in which I will show you step by step how to make the berries. They are absolutely one of my favorite decorations on the Christmas tree too.

Come promesso ecco il secondo tutorial in cui vi mostrero passo per passo come realizzare delle bacche. Sono in assoluto una delle mie decorazioni preferite anche sull’albero di Natale.

To realize you will need a piece of wire soft, red polymer clay, tape to cover the stem. First you have to cut 16 pieces of wire more or less the same length.

Per realizzarle vi servirà del fil di ferro morbido, del fimo rosso, del nastro per coprire i gambo. Per prima cosa dovete tagliare 16 pezzi di filo di ferro piu o meno della stessa lunghezza

Add them together and roll them up to a certain point, 10cm more or less. At this point, separated 2 or 3 wires and continue to weave the others, it must seem like a smalltree.
Cover the entire branch with green ribbon. Meanwhile I made ​​16 small balls with polymer clay, drill a hole and put them in the oven. Once cooked glue them on top of each branch and cover with enamel.

Uniteli insieme ed arrotolateli fino ad un certo punto. A questo punto separate 2 o 3 fili e continuate ad intrecciare gli alberi, dovrà sembrare una specie di ramo.
Coprite tutto il ramo con il nastro verde. Ne frattempo realizzate dell palline di fimo rosso, praticate un foro e mettetele in forno. Una volta cotte incollatele in cima ad ogni ramo e copritele con dello smalto.

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