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Chocolate and coconut cake

December 15th, 2015

Christmas time is my favorite for making cakes and this one is one of my favorite, this chocolate cake is not a new recipe, is one of the classics in my family, I thought it was the right time for sharing it.

120g of butter, 225g of flour, 1,5 tablespoon of backing powder, 30g of chocolate, 75g of coconut, 200g of sugar, 2 eggs, 2,5dl of milk.
In a bowl mix the flour, the backing powder, the coconut and the cacao. In another bowl mix the butter and the sugar until creamy, then add an egg at the time, mixing slowly add also the mix of flour and the milk. Once everything is mixed together put in the oven at 180 degrees for about 40 minute.
Above the cake I just put a tiny layer of melted chocolate. Try this recipe during your Christmas holidays and let me know.

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DIY Burberry Pom Pom Bracelet

December 9th, 2015

This week project is very easy and perfect for this winter period. When I first saw these bracelets by Burberry I immediately find them stylish and easy to make by myself. You will only need a rigid bracelet and some wool. Colors are up to you, I choose these because I have a Burberry bag and they perfectly fit with it.

The procedure for making pom pom is simple but requires time, you can find a beautiful tutorial here. Once you have finished I simply use some hot glue to attach them to the bracelet and it’s done.

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Really? I’m back! DIY laser cut earrings

November 30th, 2015

A very long period has passed since my last post, but if you followed me you should probably know that in the last two years I’ve made the biggest and hardest diy project I’ve ever did, my beautiful son Giorgio. I thought that I would have time and energy for continuing my work here, but let’s face it, growing a child is a full time job šŸ™‚ Now that he is one year old I have a little bit more time so here I am, with a new tutorial. In case you didn’t notice I’ve changed the name of my blog, not to start a brand new one but simply because during first months of motherhood I completely forgot about renewing the domain so I lost it šŸ™ The tutaorial is very very simple, I fall in love with these earrings some time ago and now that it is almost Christmas I thought they could be a perfect gift for my friends.

The hardest part of this tutorial is not about the procedure but about the materials, it was very hard for me to find these wood laser earrings, here the link on Etsy to buy them, so it would be easier for you. Another difficult part is to find a very sticky scotch, you will need it to made a good work. Once you have all these and acrylic paint you are already to go, just use the scotch for making your patterns. These are the ones I choose. All these procedure is quite easy but requires a very secure hand šŸ™‚

So here is the procedure in details:
1) Choose a pattern and keep it in mind, try to enhance all sections you want to paint and use the scotch to mark them, probably you will need to do it in more than one step.
2) Paint the section entirely, if you need more hands of paint you will need to wait.
3) Remove the scotch, and proceed to the next section, mark it with scotch and paint it.
4) Let everything dry and then finish the work with transparent painting. That’s it!

If you like it you can buy it on my Etsy shop

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