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Freebie – Free Origami Bookmarks

September 14th, 2011

Free origami bookmarks

It’s time for creativity. Even if we are in the middle of the NYFW and I have a lot of material for a new collage of mine, this time I’ve created something special for you.
Here you find 4 bookmark origami templates, you can download them for free. The texture I’ve made are the ones shown in the picture above.
I really hope you will like them.
Here are the links to download two PDF files.

Download Templates (part 1)   Dowonload Templates (part 2)

Both files contain 2 models that must be cut along the border (square shape).

I’ve also done a video showing how to create these origami bookmarks, but I’m a beginner in video editing so please be patients.



These templates are free for personal use, not for commercial use.




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4 tools for fashion bloggers

September 9th, 2011


If you are a fashion blogger this sequence of words should sound familiar:

  • Follow trends  & be inspired
  • Collect ideas and inspirations
  • Transform them in a post and share it on the web.

This is what happens to me every day working on my blog. I follow fashion trends until something inspired me in a special way. Once I get the inspiration I start collecting ideas around it, related contents and all the needing material. All this information is then transformed in a post.

That’s it.

Here is a very small list of the tools I use that made my life easier.

Step 1: Follow trends and be inspired

To be in touch with fashion trends and everything people love I use Flipboard, Pinterest and Fashiolista.

Flipboard is a social magazine. A beautiful Ipad app that transforms your twitter stream, searches or rss feeds in a magazine. Nothing is better than this to follow your favorite fashion bloggers.

Pinterest is a collection of images. I imagine it as a beautiful box with the most inspiring and beautiful photos around the web.

Fashiolista is another beautiful box. It contains all fashion items that people love on the web. Follow the heart and you will be in touch with fashion trends made by the people.

These 3 tools are all I need to compare fashion trends and people trends.

Step 2: Collect ideas

Once I have in my mind an idea for a post, I start collecting contents for it: images, old posts, photos.To collect these contents I use Licorize.

Licorize is a very easy to use bookmarking tool that let’s you collect, not only links, but also to-dos, ideas, images and much more.

You can even import your favorite tweets inside it. Just to not lose that beautiful bag that someone posts with Instagram.

It has also a great bookmarklet for the browser to bookmark images with few clicks.

Collecting images fits perfectly with what I need but if you do outfits photo you can even use Licorize to store maps with the address of a particular shop 🙂

Step 3: Create your art and share it with the world:

This step is absolutely personal. How an idea become design depends on who you are and what you love. I love editing photos and images and for this reason I do collages. For doing them I use Photoshop and a lot of fantasy as well :-).


This is the small list of tools I use for creating my blog posts. If you know some others and you want to share them with me feel free to add the link in the comments. I’m always open to test and use something new.

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Face fall-winter 2011/2012 with summer colors

September 7th, 2011

Born in 82 - Fashion collage

When I was back from my holidays my garden was so dry that I started the rain dance. After 2 rainy days I have started missing summer.
I hope I’m not the only person that is able to change her wishes list in minutes ☺.

Looking through the Sass&Bide collection for the next winter I found these colorful outfits and I immediatly thought that I need to celebrate them.
Here is the result.
A collection of bright items that will bring in your winter a taste of summer.

1. SASS&BIDE OUTFITS FROM 2011/2012 collection





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