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DIY Name Bracelet Tips & Tricks (to Sell on Etsy)

A lot of time has passed since my first blog post about wire name bracelet, and, in this time I’ve done so many of them that I thought it could be a good idea to share some tricks I found during my Etsy experience. For example I discovered that it is difficult for people to imagine all the possibilities you have with this bracelets. Children names, meaningful words, relatives names. If you want them to find your bracelet, you have to create an item for each categories. Do that, if you want to sell them on Etsy for example.


During the last years I received a lot of emails from my readers asking me how i made some specific letters, for this reason I decided to post some of them, and in case you have other questions just write me, I will be happy to share more of them!

Click on the following link if you want to learn about the basics for making wire name bracelet

Trick number 1:

Always make lower case names. Even if this could sound strange, because personal names have capitol letters, lower case names are better, easier to make and more romantic. Some capitol letter are very hard to make, for example M, or P, or Y. Instead, with lower case name you can be sure to make every customer happy.


Trick number 2:

When you turn your wire above turn it below the next rotation. In this way your bracelet will remain balanced and it is very important to make it stable on your arm. Take a look at this letter for example, the first time the wire turn above, so to maintain the letter balanced the wire need to pass below at the next rotation.

DSC_0152 (2)

Trick number 3:

Always make it as it is for you to wear. It could happen some times, your are tired and you make the bracelet not well enough. Look at it and answer yourself: could I wear it? Make it again and again until the answer is YES. When i begin i made all the bracelet at least 3 times. Then you get better but it takes time. Every Etsy buyers know that everything is handmade so, even if it would take a day more it is better than ship something your are not proud of.


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