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The Perfect Black Necklace

In this last few days I have experimented a little bit with polymer clay. I really like the simplicity of this shape i made, and i like to share this easy project with you. What you need is simply a pack of black polymer clay and a wood stick, I used one of take away sushi 🙂


I used the entire black pack, I rolled it in my hands to make it softer and then I created a strip as you see in the picture.
I put the stick over the clay and I started rolling. In this way the clay rolled over the stick as a big skewer. I did that until the clay joined itself completely. Once done, I cut of the border with a knife and I removed the stick from inside the clay. It left a hole where the string will pass through.


I bent it and put it into the hot oven (120 degrees) for about 30 minutes. Once cooled I inserted the string and closed it with 2 lovely hearts. I really love to bring this necklace short but long too so, I did not cut the string, I just closed it with a bow.


This project is quite easy, and can be done in several colors. Also mixing some beads could be interesting. In case you want to buy it It is available on my etsy shop.

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