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How to: Soft curls

I searched for a straightener to have soft curls for a long time, never finding the right one. Some of them did some curls too obvious, others burned my hair, then I finally found a video (in Italian) with a very nice tutorial. I bought the hair straightener suggested in the video and I follow the suggested steps, an it worked great so here I am to share it with you!

Per tutte le ragazze italiane qui trovate il video di Cheryl Pandemoium, ve lo consiglio assolutamente! Il nome della piastra รจ Remington Ci9532 e l’ho acquistata su Amazon ๐Ÿ™‚

soft curls, handmade, how to have soft curls

First of all you have to wash your hair in the evening; I always wash them in the evening so this first step fits perfectly with my habits. Then you have to dry them completely, make a braid and go to sleep…. ๐Ÿ™‚

soft curls, handmade, how to have soft curls

In the morning your hair will be almost curly, now you have to take the hair straightener and point it to a temperature of 210 degrees. Take some locks (not too small) and curl them, you do not need to do it for all you hair but just for few locks. The procedure is very easy to do and it will take not more then 10 minutes! The hair straightener is different from all the others I’ve seen and you have to use it with two hands but it is quite easy

soft curls, handmade, how to have soft curls

When you have finished you can use some oil on your hair or a spray to fix the curls, this depends on you. I just use an oil :-), exactly the one suggested by Cheryl and it works great it is “5 in one” by Collistar.

soft curls, handmade, how to have soft curls

That’s it! You should have now some lovely soft curls…what do you think? Do you like mine? The name of the hair straightener is Remington Ci9532 and I bought it on Amazon ๐Ÿ™‚

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