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Silvia loves

Spring is coming and my desire to online shopping triples collection … and so dozens of things to a wish list endless. I thought it was nice to share with you ome of the nice things I’ve found, what do you think?/p>

Arriva la primavera e la mia voglia di shopping online triplica…e cosi collezione decine e decine di cose in una wish list infinita. Ho pensato che fosse carino condividere con voi lcune delle belle cose che ho trovato, cosa ne dite?

  • In love with…this great Scotch&Soda outfit (link here)

  • In love with…these fantastic sunglasses (available on beDandy)

  • In love with…this super fun stamp (found on fancy)

  • In love with…super romantic lingerie by &other stories (link here)

  • In love with…these lovely flats by Sole Society (link here)

  • In love with…the entire Jewels collection by Jcrew (link here)

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