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Candied fruit recipe

I love homemade candied fruit, perfect for preparing cakes, delicious to eat like candies. And believe me when I say that there is no comparison with what you buy.

Che meraviglia i canditi fatti in casa, perfetti per i dolci, buonissimi da mangiare come caramelle. E credetemi se vi dico che non c’è paragone con quelli che si comprano.

candied fruit recipe

La ricetta in italiano la trovate qui, solo bollite l’ananas 2 volte invece che 3, cedri e limoni devono perdere l’amaro che invece l’ananas non ha.


Take a pineapple, first cut into slices, remove the peel and divide into small pieces. Put them in cold water, bring to boil and leave for 10 minutes. Turn off the heat and let the pineapple it water until it will not be completely cold.

candied fruit recipe

Throw out the water and refill repeating the procedure a second time.
At this point, drained pineapple and weigh it. In a saucepan, put pineapple and the same amount of water and sugar (if for example you have 300g of pineapple, put also 300 g of water and 300 g of sugar). Put on the fire and boil for ten minutes or more, being careful not to darken.

Turn off the heat and remove one by one the pieces and arrange on a baking sheet. Let dry for a couple of days.

candied fruit recipe
candied fruit recipe

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